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Most of mine were free with the player, but I did get Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The Thing and the Matrix Trilogy myself. They were all presents, so really I've not done too badly. Superman I and II for £8 in total is tempting though...
Yeah, I agree about the fact that it is difficult to bring yourself to buy more HD DVD - I haven't been buying HD DVD for quite a while now, but many of them that I've got are a keeper. Although I might bring myself in coming back to by some more soon, on some French Releases.
I think audio is far more subjective than video. Most people can look at an image and see improvements, flaws, but not many people are trained to hear the minute differences between lossy/lossless formats. I'd wager most don't even have the home audio equipment to really do it justice (me included), whether that's because of space, money or the neighbours!

HD DVD is still a decent format, but I can't bring myself to buy titles even at £4 because their will soon be no hardware support. If future BD players could incorporate HD DVD playback it would be a different story.
Yeah, Chris is absolutely spot on here. Try 'Crank', it's MPEG-2 and it has one of the best PQ across the HD board.

Similarly with the situation of DD+ that many ppl complain that it's lossy - 'Transformers' HD DVD define what DD+ is capable of doing, awesome AQ.

Not to try and get off track here, but I still think that the capabilities of HD DVD are still worth discussing.
Even if it was MPEG-2 it wouldn't automatically mean it would look bad. The problem with MPEG-2 is that it's not as efficient and VC-1 or AVC, so it takes up more space on the disc. If you have enough room it's possible to have perfectly decent looking MPEG-2 transfers. RoboCop and Predator are both MPEG-2, and they look pretty good considering the age and source material. Fantastic Four is another one.
Most films, when done properly, looks better than SD DVD, I have NBK and wouldn't say that it looks identical to SD DVD, it looks better but obviously the margins between each improvements of different films are different.

Again, there's much differences between films that are done on HDTV and when done on Blu-Ray/HD DVD. Most of the High-Def releases should beat the HDTV easily. For the sake of older films, it is evident in examples like Close Encounters, Casablanca, Patton and Blade Runner (and much more), that older films can look great on HD Releases (i.e. Patton beat many new HD releases easily).

It also depends much on the way in which the film is intended to be shown as well, that has a great significance to how much benefit the HD Release will have, but very little of the releases are not up to par, one would be the US T2, good example of a poor release.
Some movies look better then DVD, some don't. Just because the resolution is technically higher doesn't mean squat. For example, I've seen Back to the Future in HD and the diff between it and the DVD is hairline thin. It all depends on the source material and the way the film was transferred.
Nope, it's a VC-1 encode.

NBK was filmed using a variety of different cameras and film stock, and I think they did a great job with the Blu-ray disc as it's very faithful to what the film should look like.
They probably have it encoded in junk MPEG2.  heh
Blu Ray Help!
Hello I was wondering if somebody here could help me. I own a ps3 and an HDTV (1080) connected with a hdmi cable and surround speakers. All the movies I got on BD so far look and sound amazing!

When I heard that Natural Born Killers was being released on BD I freaked! MY ALL TIME FAVORITE FILM IN HD!!!! So I rushed out to buy it (now I already own the dvd version of the directors cut but being such a huge fan I had to get it.)

 Upon buying this I went home that night turned off all the lights in my room ordered a pizza and proceeded to watch it! The thing is though... it looks terrible!!!! No different from the regular DVD version at first I thought maybe it was just the opening scene in b&w but the whole thing just looks like a darn dvd transfer!!! I then went into my closet lugged out my old sdtv put in the regular dvd and played them side by side and guess what? They look the same!!!

So my question is does anyone else have this problem with their copy? And should I be able to exchange it for something else if I tell the people at best buy what happened. was it maybe just my copy? or am I doomed on a 30 dollar wasted BD.