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Blu-Ray or HD DVD Player

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As I understand it, right now, HDDVD seem to be the format to go for if you absolutely have to climb aboard now. I've read a lot of reviews of both HDDVD and Bluray discs and it appears as though the HDDVD discs in general tend to have better picture quality. Sony haven't exactly managed to show what bluray goes for yet though so it might be wise to wait another couple of months.
Give it another year otherwise you'll get burned choosing a player that can only read half the discs. Dual format players will be around in the distant future, especially from the more independent manufacturers - I heard Pioneer admit to the possibility some time ago.
Blu-Ray or HD DVD Player
tommyorlando wrote: Im trying to find out witch one is better and why?Sound,Picture?Anybody have any advice

Any home cinema store worth their salt will do a demo of the systems for you.  It's a lot of money to fork out for these ssytems at the moment so I'd force the sellers for a demo before thinking about buying anything right now.
Well they will soon release a player that will read both formats - slated for release early next year....
what else is coming out?
my advice is WAIT before you buy anything Happy
Until more devices come out, possible supporting both or all 3 formats
Blu-Ray or HD DVD Player
Im trying to find out witch one is better and why?Sound,Picture?Anybody have any advice