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blu ray vs. hd

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In theory they will be compatible if the older reciever has individual analog inputs for each channel and the HD or Bluray player has a decoder built in with individual analog outputs....

Same to you Mark - Happy new year - it is now 2am here on the 1st!!! Happy
I don't think so Adam. I saw a few from Sony down at Bing Lee, and each have their own HD outputs. You've seen my one, and it's not HD compatible. I think I'll wait a few years before I get any of these stuff.

Happy New Year by the way, Adam.
It should also be interesting to see if some of the older AV receivers can handle the new audio formats via coaxial or optical connections....
One advantage I've noticed is from a developers standpoint. It is far cheaper to create your own HD DVD than a Blu-ray Disc. I don't mean copying or basic authoring, but actually creating interactive discs because Microsoft released a free developers kit for HD DVD.

Blu-ray Disc is more like a members club where only those with a vested interest are knowledgeable enough to create developer kits, and those companies are charging thousands for their products. DVD had a similar approach (which is probably why all those interactive DVDs are appearing so late) but at least DVD had a monopoly, so they could do what they wanted.

It's a shame because Blu-ray Disc's interactive features are way more advanced than HD DVD, so it would be more like writing software or games, but even Sony seems unable to do anything about the situation. The open source crowd would probably jump at the chance to create a developers kit, but they lack the knowledge of the format to do anything quickly.
Time will tell....
A local retailer suggested that Blu-Ray was getting the edge with more manufacturers and studios starting to support it but I will wait till they produce a player that does both formats before I get one.
- Not a very big one for now.
- Have you?
- You bought the hardware, why stop buying the software?
- I can't say, it seems HD is dominant now, but Beta was at one point...
- No, because then Sony wouldn't make any money with their "new" Beta.

Suggest moving to DVD forum so that more people will see and respond. Happy
blu ray vs. hd
what's the chance of either of them going away?  i've heard people at my local best buy say that they think hd is gonna win this battle?  should I stop buying blu ray dvds?  should I keep my blu ray?  is it true that the sony blu ray can play both blu ray and hd dvd's?