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I was refering to multi-region for DVD, not BD. You can remote hack some players to be multi-region for the DVD side of things and regional coding with BD isn't as much of a headache as DVD because the majority of titles aren't region locked (it's mainly Fox and Lionsgate who lock their titles).
hmmm sorry the initial ism faux pas.
Someone told me that the locking on BD was chip related over software and so the standard use of remote control key entry for unlocking was not possible.  Is this not the case and if so is there a listing anywhere of unlocks per model
The initialism is BD, not BR, but to answer your question they have the same region coding as normal DVD players. You can remote hack some models though.
OK so BR players have 3 regions for BR... But what about playing standard DVDs?
My collection is probably 50:50 R1 and R2, so my worry for getting a BR player is will it play both regions?
I put a BD into my 6 year old Pioneer DVD player the other day.

It wasn't amused. It didn't eject the disc. It didn't say it could play the disc. It just kept spinning it and making scary noises.

I turned to the wife and said, 'I don't think I shoud've done that'.
I thought I'd pass on this great find on the net regarding Blu Ray Release Dates for ALL the major countries including U.S., Australia, U.K., Japan, etc...
I don't get the Huffington post article. It's just not written that clearly. I don't know what the point of the article is or what the author is trying to say.

The only thing I can glean from the article is that we should stop brushing our teeth or something.

Thanks guys Happy
Here is a very interesting article on why those who haven't switched to Blu Ray, should.....

DVDs -- How And Why You Should Switch To BluRay

Michael Giltz
Posted January 2, 2009
They do, although the vast majority of them are region free. The pricks who ruin it for everyone else tend to be Fox and Lionsgate (plus any labels that come under them). There are three Blu-ray regions: A, B and C. We live in region B, but the way the regions are divided is different to DVD (Japan is A so we can't play their region locked discs, where on DVD it's 2 so you could play stuff).

You can get multi-region machines, but they cost more and I'm not entirely sure how future proof they are against BD+ etc. A quick Google search reveals that Multi Region Magic are claiming to provide multi-region Panasonic BD players starting at £269 for last year's model. This year's are £349 and £469 respectively. Compare that to around £170 for the Sony BDP-S350, which is a fairly decent entry-level player, albeit region B only.
Hi there,

About to step into the wonderful world of Blu-Ray and was wondering if you good people can enlighten me as to if Blu-ray discs have region locking just like DVDs. If so - is it possible to have a multi-region player like the good ole dvds?