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I think he knows this which is why he retired Ali G and invented Borat and Bruno.

Added to that, SBC has already said he's working on a new character so I don't think he'll end up being a one trick pony like Paul Kay's Dennis Penis ended up being. That's not to say that I don't think Paul Kay isn't a good actor by the way, it's just he didn't choose to carry on in the same vain.

SBC looks to have the knack of getting a lot more mileage out of this type of comedy character. The fact that he's taken a 2-3 minute 'sketch' character and made a successful transition to a full feature is virtually unheard of and the fact that it is so consistantly funny throughout it's running time is quite an achievement in itself.
Sacha better enjoy his success, because that act will not last. People can only take so much stupidity!
I love sexyparties!
I like a sex. It's nice.
It's freaking genius. I've seen it twice, and I can't wait to see it again.
Did you actually watch it? They were clearly fanatical in their beliefs and extremely intolerant of 'immoral' behaviour. All that speaking in tongues was b*****ks as well. A lot of the 'normal' people in it were also racist homophobes.
Chris Gould wrote: The fundamentalist Christians were scary...

and you're saying that i'm not nice, and jet you write something like this..........
but ok..seams that I can not express my thoughts here if they are different to any one else, or controversial.
Let me guess, an opinion contrary to everyone else? The fundamentalist Christians were scary...

BTW dude, your sig image is too big.
ooo...i would so much want to write what I think about it, and what i've read on one of the other forums..but u'll bash me all over.
Did anyone see it yet? I just got back from seeing it and god was it funny as hell. I fell on the floor laughing!