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BPI sue CD-Wow... again.

Forums - Discs & Movies - BPI sue CD-Wow... again. 


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You guys have pretty strict laws. If anyone here were to try to sue based on the importing habits of individuals through an importing company they would get laughed out of court.

Heck, the system is so slow they'd probably wait 2 years just to get to that point.
A bit of a different topic... my understanding of many modern dictatorships is that they are the result of two things: 1. profitable natural resources (oil or drugs); 2. empire medalling in the region hundreds of years ago. As long as consumers continue buying oil/drugs from these areas then they'll never disapear.
Quote: to deprive the Live Aid charity of money in this way is plain wrong"

CD WOW wasn't around in 1985 when all those millions of pounds Live Aid made went missing, and ended up in the pockets of the dictators in Africa.

It's going to be the same again this year that the money still won't go to help the starving, because there are still dictators ruling the African villages.

You don't see Bono or Geldoff or any other pop/rock stars visiting these dictators trying to change their minds, of course not, that would of meant risking their lives for their cause.

So instead they go to someone like Bush, Blair and Mandela, and the G8 leaders who have NO influence over the African villages and who rules over them whatsoever.

Live Aid then and now has made no difference to Africa at all, what they need to do is get rid of the trade barrier and get rid of the dictators, and then there might be some hope.

There have been small changes but only in a few villages, but there is still an entire country that is under opression.

As for the BFI, I have not bought one album this year, because all the good songs are released as singles and the rest that’s on the albums are just fillers.

I’m not paying those extortionate prices just for a couple of songs and the rest of the album is shite.

If there was an album I wanted, I’d get it from the used section on Amazon.
One word for the BPI, and it rhymes with 'hunts'.
That's the problem with current laws on copyright and grey importing, they help with price fixing by forcing you to use the local expensive suppliers. I guess it's designed to protect small manufacturers, but that's rarely the case with DVD.

CD-Wow needs to break its links with the UK and run it's operations from Hong Kong completely... then they wont be bullied by the BPI.

At the moment I am annoyed with the plans for the Live8 DVDs, from what I've heard EMI will not be providing the full thing, but instead be dropping certain artists due to time restrictions depending on the area they being sold in. So for example, they plan to drop Keane, Scissor Sisters and REM from one area. Just means I'll wait until whatever part of the world decide to release a proper version.
BPI sue CD-Wow... again.
BPI sues CD Wow over illegal CD imports : 15:9:2005

UK record companies' trade association the BPI is to issue legal proceedings against internet music retailer CD Wow for importing illicitly cut-price CDs and DVDs from south east Asia.

The BPI says it has evidence that CD Wow has broken court undertakings not to import such material.

The BPI originally reached an out of court settlement with CD Wow in January 2004 after similar allegations. The retailer gave undertakings to both the BPI and the High Court that it would only import music legally.

The latest case involves not just CDs, but also a batch of cut-price DVDs of the original 1985 Live Aid concert. The BPI says imports of the illicit cut-price DVDs may have deprived the charity of substantial income.

BPI General Counsel Geoff Taylor added, "Breaking court undertakings at any time is a serious matter, but for CD Wow - which poses as a consumer champion - to deprive the Live Aid charity of money in this way is plain wrong".