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Break-Bank Mountain

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I debated wether to see this films in the theaters and in the end, I didnt, but I rented it first day it was out and its a great film. I reccomend it.
I hope that this is a sign of a more tolerant time, let the vile hatred filled people be in the minority. However, I didnt even think it was a great film, just a good one. Being British we dont have the 'Bible Belt' to contend with thankfully, way to much power for mind control there. Good for Walmart Happy
I've been surprised by the monetary success of Breakback Mountain as well.  It was assumed you couldn't sell this to the "Bible Belt".  I'm a little surprised as well that there wasn't more controversy over the release.  I don't remember a single protest, etc.
Huh. When I first heard about the film a few years back I figured it'd be a massive monetary failure. I was very wrong. Not only that, but it looks like it's actual making a difference in the field of gay tolerance. This is pretty darn cool.
I saw people at Wal Mart snatching it  up right and left...amazing
Randy Quaid's beef is ridiculous.  There was no way that the producers could have predicted the success of Brokeback Mountain.

Anyone see where Walmart was threatened with boycots if they carried this title?  Don't people have better things to do?  Walmart carried the title anyway.
and Randy Quaid is sueing the producers for the fee he was paid as they mislead him on how the film was going to be presented....i.e. as an art house film with very limited release..
I couldn't resist...
Don't say "stiff" when referring to a gay cowboy romance.
1.4 million is an insane amount to be pulling off on a Tuesday and with stiff competition from other new releases.
I'll admit to seeing it.  I didn't think it was bad, but I don't think it deserved all the attention it did get.  Saying that, I won't be buying it, but I do know quite a few women who say they've bought it.  Most of my wife's friends have gotten it.
Break-Bank Mountain
Universal has revealed that triple Oscar Winner, "Brokeback Mountain" enjoyed sales of 1.4 million units on its first day of retail sales. Pretty impressive for a film some said nobody wanted to see.