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Thanks Dave Happy I think I know who you mean now...the one trying his hardest to look like Elvis in Spidey? You learn something every day!
Quote: Originally posted by Claire M
Who's Bruce Campbell? Am I showing my age here? (lack of!)

Claire.. He is a B movie acting God. Most famous for his roles as Ash in the Evil Dead series of films and for a bit acting part/directing Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules. He is great pals with Sam Raimi and has been in many of his films, including Spider-amn where he was the Ring Master at the wrestling. If you are bored, read his book "If Chins could Kill - confessions of a B movie actor" - its very funny
Who's Bruce Campbell? Am I showing my age here? (lack of!)
Cheers for that, why not email Bruce direct ( ) and explain the hassle you had, he might well be interested to know about it, apparntly he does read all his emails and replies to alot as well.
Hi Roland,

Basically his agent pissed us around big time. She promised me the interview, asked me to have the questions ready for the next week. I got the questions ready and emailed them off to reply for a few days, and then she emailed me asking to phone her. That meant a 20minute international call, 15minutes of which spent on hold, to be told that Bruce Campbell was no longer taking part in interviews. Needless to say, I was NOT happy...which is why now I'm not going to say about any possible interviews, don't wanna let everyone down and look stupid again..hehe. Sad Ah well, I did post about it on the newsgroups at the time, I tried to avoid the embaressment of posting it on the site tho Wink Sorry about that though
Mr. Campbell is now apparently too big a star to give interviews to anyone. Allegedly.
Bruce Campbell
What ever happened to the Bruce Campbell interview?