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Cannot play Original Audio CD on my DVD player

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13th April 2005 19:51  #1

Vasudevan Kalyanaraman Member Join Date: August 2004 Location: Germany Posts: 2
Cannot play Original Audio CD on my DVD player
Hello Friends,

Recently i faced a strange problem. I bought Original Audio CD's and when i try to play on my Cyberhome CH 402 player, it cannot recognize the CD. I tried the same CD on my CD walkman and PC , it works. Further the DVD player plays all other CDs.

Have you come across such a problem, do you know a solution

Thanks so much for the help

13th April 2005 20:09  #2

Jonny "Me You" Senior Member Join Date: March 2004 Location: Canada Posts: 2,863
Hmmm, I looked around the Cyberhome website for a few minutes to see if I could find something to help you out. Unfortuantely, the site is pretty basic.

If I had to give my best guess, I'd say that the CD's you bought have some copy protection on them. I've heard of that being implimented in Europe. A side effect of which is a lower compatibility with players. Strange that it works fine on your PC though.

If I'm wrong and its another problem,  you could copy them to a CD-R and see if that runs fine in your DVD player. That should get around the issue for the short term.

Hope I helped.

By the way, they weren't David Hasselhoff CD's by any chance were they? Wink

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