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Forums - Discs & Movies - CARL FOREMAN'S 1963 FILM THE VICTORS 

6th September 2006 17:26  #1

mardyke05 Member Join Date: September 2006 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 1
Does any one know if this film will ever be released on DVD
eith in the full length version of 175 minutes or the cut version of 150 mintes.

6th January 2008 18:43  #2

apurslow Member Join Date: January 2008 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 1
CARL FOREMAN'S the Victors (movie)
This movie was shown on BBC television recently. As far as i know it had never been on mainstream TV before. I have kept it on my hard drive but I see that the GB capacity exceeds that of a normal DVD-R (or DVD+R) disc. In order to transfer it to a disc it would have to be either (i) split into two parts or (ii) reduced slightly in picture quality from SP to SLP.

8th January 2008 10:58  #3

Nostalgia Member Join Date: January 2008 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 1
"The Victors" has been on British TV 2 or 3 times before over the last 30 years. It made such an impression on me on an earlier viewing that I got the local library to hunt down the source novel "The Human Kind" by Alexander Baron.

PS-the sequence where the French soldiers/resistance torment the Germans and finally blow up the pill box was filmed at Box Hill near Dorking in Surrey.

10th January 2008 17:24  #4

Sequinpat Member Join Date: January 2008 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 3
I too saw The Victors on Saturday----only the third time ithat I have seen it in30 years--I first saw it when it did the rounds in the 60s I was greatly impressed with -though the reviews at that time were not all favourable --and my understanding was that American Top Brass --wanted it banned because it was very anti war --especially the scene where the young seserter was shot.
Perhaps that was why it did not seem to have wide audiences.and could explain why there don't appear to be any tapes of any kind available--if there are and someone knows where, I hope they will pass on the info!!!I can't find any---I do know that there are afew tapes of the film score --but only aavailable in the States.

21st March 2008 22:39  #5

Stevej Member Join Date: March 2008 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 1
Yes, great film and unfairly overlooked. A great anti-war film if ever there was. Some very moving scenes. EBay occasionally lists some obscure releases and bootleg copies and it's worth checking the running time. I remember seeing the film on TV when I was about 17 or 18 and it made a big impression on me - here was a movie that was so not gung-ho that it made me re-think the whole war movie genre. Great stuff.

5th May 2008 0:17  #6

D.Widescreen Member Join Date: May 2008 Location: United States Posts: 3
I was fortunate to see "The Victors" in its full-length original version when it was first released.  This was a far more potent, richly atmospheric, ground-breaking movie than the radically shortened version that has been floating around ever since.  As the reviews were not great in those days and exhibitors were already averse to showing long movies, the studio thought it would improve the box office prospects by shortening the film.  They really ripped a LOT of good material out of there, including the entire episode involving a young French boy, a scene you would never forget if you got to see it.
                  Ever since that theatrical viewing,  I have been trying, without success, to discover if the insensitive people who abridged the movie so drastically, subsequently retained the deleted footage and/or a master negative of the original edition.  I would dearly like to own a  quality home-entertainment edition of this film, but would have little interest in either a "cut" version, or a pan-and-scan edition.
                  This picture has been so seldom seen on TV or home video in the U.S., that I have often wondered if there really might be truth to the rumors that its anti-war message was so resented by The Pentagon that they took measures to suppress it.  I am not big on conspiracy theories, but the near total disappearance of such an amazingly fine film is a troubling mystery.

5th May 2008 0:43  #7

jmcclane 88 Member Join Date: September 2006 Location: Ireland Posts: 466
Wow, this topic sure brought the newbies out. Mardyke05, heres a link to it on Ebay, take a look if u want.

Might be worth it if you guys are fans of this movie. Theres a few more on it aswell.

6th May 2008 1:14  #8

Nic Mall Member Join Date: November 2005 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 1,202 Send a message via MSN to Nic Mall
Mmmm n00b blood

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