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Casino Royale 2 Disc SE R3 out next week!

Forums - Discs & Movies - Casino Royale 2 Disc SE R3 out next week! 


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Quote: I'll let you know if it is true. Damn. If that is correct, then I should not have bought the R3!

Why, when they're identical? Not to point out the obvious, but the menus I posted are from the R3 release... Also, as the Hong Kong R3 is a direct port of the R1, it's dual-coded (just check it in PowerDVD or something). The Korean R3 looks to have the extra features that were recently announced for the R4 release, so they are currently the most feature-packed versions. Bit c**p that two different versions exist though, and especially odd that only the Koreans and Aussies get the one with more extras.
I'm just picking fault is all. Happy
Why would you care? You're on the other side of the world, anyway. It's Top 10 Sound and Movies. He also sells records, Super Audio CD's, etc. I'm actually going to pick it up now. Woo-hoo! It has arrived at the store!

The DTS is really, really good!!! I've just spent last week new speaker wires that are nice and thick. You've got 4 different coloured wires instead of the usual two - Red, Green, Black and White. Now my Movie Theater at home sounds just as good as my local Cinema, and I'm very happy about that. Funny, that the menus are exactly the same, when I compare with the R1 update. Basically, the whole DVD's been copied off the R1 master! At the beginning, you get the U.S. trailers - Stranger Than Fiction, The Pursuit of Happyness and Spider-man 3! Interestingly, this DVD could double as Region 1, except for that cool DTS!  

Hey! According to www.dvdaficionado, the Region 1 is DTS??

Casino Royale - DTS (2006)
+ Becoming Bond (Documentary) (2006)
+ James Bond: for Real (Documentary) (2006)
+ Bond Girls Are Forever (Documentary) (2002)
+ Chris Cornell - You Know My Name (Music Video)

Release date: Mar-13-2007

I'll let you know if it is true. Damn. If that is correct, then I should not have bought the R3!
Mark Lim wrote: My retailer


Why don't you just name the shop you get them from? Calling them "my retailer" sounds like you think we're going to think they're some big boss, with his secret shop that only "special" customers get to goto.
Dunno, haven't really watched it. Saw it in the cinema last week so not that inclined to see it again so soon. Video looks okay though.
What's it like, Chris? How's the audio?  
I've already got the R3.
My retailer has told me that he's expecting his Hong Kong R3 shipment today, Saturday. He's also expecting some other R3 stuff like "Curse of The Golden Flower". I'll keep you guys posted if he gets the "Casiono Royale" DVD. I told him to call me if and when he gets it, Hopefully not too late in the afternoon. I'm celebrating Chinese New Year with my family tonight.

Do you guys in the UK get mail in the weekend? I know Australia doesn't. Customs are closed on the weekends.

Add some menus if you want Wink Mine hasn't turned up yet
It's quite a nice set. Can' see that anything has been added to that torture scene mind you, so it looks like the person who told me it was longer was talking b*****ks.
Mine was despatched a couple of days ago.  With a bit of luck it'll turn up this weekend
Anyone else got their R3 yet then?
Nic Mall wrote: Oh hush up you. DTS rocks.

Oooooh... don't get him started on DTS.  He'll turn green and start smashing things up Wink
You should make that your sig.
Oh hush up you. DTS rocks.
Yeah but DTS is the emperor's new clothes of marketing gimmicks. Loses out on some of the better extras as well.
Chris Gould wrote: Don't get the R3 The Departed cause it's split over two discs...

Doesn't bother me - plus I've noticed its got DTS which no other region has as far as I know.
Don't get the R3 The Departed cause it's split over two discs...
Mines shipped anyway Happy Should get it Thursday/Friday I guess
The menus are usually in English. Don't think I've ever had a R3 DVD with chinese writing.
Looks like you're right, Nic Mall.

In the cd-wow website, it confirms that Region 3 has DTS. Damn!

I think I'll pass. I don't really like the Chinese writings on the back of the DVD, and the DVD menu.  
I'm gonna get the blu-ray. Only reason being is I want one to try out my PS3 :D 44days to go!!

Apprently the R3 has DTS, hmmmmm.
yeah - but what is "practically"? there may be a doc added or missing from R1 version - just wanted to know is all Sad
Have you not been listening? It's practically the same as the Region 1. Just different distributor, that's all - ERA Entertainment from Hong Kong.

And Tom, I wouldn''t worry about this release getting pushed back at the last minute, because my DVD retailer in Sydney says he's getting some R3 editions this Saturday. So, you will get yours in time.
Anybody know what the extras are on this version?
i'm goin to wait for R2.....even though it is hard to wait.
If they don't release it sooner than other territories they'll get ripped off even more than they already do in Asia. Does kinda piss me off that Fox etc recently started selling new releases for the equivalent of around in China £2 though...
Chris Gould wrote: Aye. Luckily the major releases tend to be pretty much identical to the R1 stuff, so progressive and decent packaging. That's always been the case with Sony and Warner stuff.

Yep, the Superman Returns 2-disc was identical and even came with a kind of "Introduction to the Superman comics" book.  Seems a bit odd that this stuff comes out in R3 earlier than R1 and R2.  The studios must know that a ton of this stuff is just going to get shipped to Europe and the US.  Not that I'm complaining of course!
Aye. Luckily the major releases tend to be pretty much identical to the R1 stuff, so progressive and decent packaging. That's always been the case with Sony and Warner stuff.
Yeah, I ordered the R3 from CD-WOW too. The problem with R3's is they quite often get pushed back at the last minute. Hopefully that won't be the case with Casino Royale though - would be nice getting it a month earlier than anywhere else!
Or CD-Wow, which is where I'm getting it. Watched it again in the cinema last night, really only because the film I wanted to see wasn't showing. First Bond film I've ever bought, primarily because they made it more like The Bourne Identity (less gadgets, more realistic etc).
Casino Royale 2 Disc SE R3 out next week!
For those who can't wait for "Casino Royale" to come out on DVD, Region 3 has it available next week Feb. 15th. Just FYI!

You can pre-order from here...