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Children of Men is a superb movie

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Best film of 2006! Hated the quick double dip on R2 though! Typical Universal!
Gabe Powers wrote: The little documentary on the US DVD comes retrofitted with gigantic brass balls. I take back some of the mean things I said about Universal.

You speak of "The Possibility of Hope" I gather?
The little documentary on the US DVD comes retrofitted with gigantic brass balls. I take back some of the mean things I said about Universal.
Well, while you lucky (or maybe unlucky) people across the pond have had it on DVD for 2 months now, we're finally getting a release this Tuesday (as are you I understand). I saw this a second time last week before it left the theatres, and it is without a doubt, the best film of 2006 in my eyes. This is the second insta-purchase for me this year so far. And I very rarely do that anymore. Sorry, I'm just really excited about owning what is truly cinematic art, and one of the best movies made in years.

"The last one to die please turn out the light."
Saw this the other day and...

it's okay. Probably was expecting too much. Can't put finger on why it's only just 'okay'. Everyone is doing a great job on the movie and I'm a big supporter of Clive Owen. I appreciate that I'm in a minority here as most peole seem to love this film, but I think the more films strive for reality the less satisfying as cinema they become for me. As for the long takes, I was aware, prior to watching, the film that they existed but to be honest I wasn't really aware of them as I was watching the film. I suppose you can then go back and watch it again just to 'marvel' at the long takes but they don't make or break the film. Content wise the film would be exactly the same without them. As far as I can see it was just the director trying stuff out. Which is fine. We've been watching Tony Scott try stuff out for the past 5 years or so. He seems to have got it all out of his system by now though, judging by Deja Vu.

I'll have to watch C.O.M again sometime. Maybe it is indeed the cinematic equivalent of the second coming and I'm just not seeing it.
Got the DVD today, good film... especially those long shots and I liked the ending - often wish other films would end like that.
Ive not seen this yet, its on my rental list for when it comes out though, I have heard lots of good things about it.
I saw it last night, and loved it, but found the ending to be a bit unsatisfying, I would've given it a 10 if they added maybe an extra 5-10 minutes to it.
Saw it today, and it was f**king brilliant.
I f**king sobbed like a baby towards the end there. That long take 'action' scene is one of the finest works of screen direction I've seen since LOTR. It almost rivals some of the similar stuff Speilberg does in Minority REport and Saving Private Ryan. I didn't think I could love any movie this year more than The Fountain, but Children of Men is just fantastic.
A US release took long enough, but I already want to see it again. Tops any film I've seen in the past year.
Still not 18, and due to events today, I'll be seeing it tomorrow. It's nice to see you back Adrian!
Cheddar J. Cheese wrote: Why wouldn't they?

Oh and I sat in the front row (by choice, theatre was practically empty, as expected) and didn't find it evil on the eyes at all.

It's rated are (in the usa) and Tony isn't 18 yet (if I remember correct.)
Why wouldn't they?

Oh and I sat in the front row (by choice, theatre was practically empty, as expected) and didn't find it evil on the eyes at all.
I'm gonna see it tomorrow, if they let me in.
Finally out in wide release now over here. Pity no one will ever see it. This is the best movie I've seen in a long time. This and "The Fountain" are two of my four or five must owns for this year in DVD. The only CGI I could think of in there were the screens and the game, and maybe the statue of David. Great movie, I don't think I've seen a tracking shot done that well (with exception to Scorsese) in a long time. Bravo. Go see it now, before it's too late.
You can never take hats far enough. The further the better so they are soo teeny tiny in the distance that they are small enough to perch at a jaunty angle atop a wee hamsters head.

The hamster is pleased with his new hat.
Now thats taking it a bit *too* far don't you think?
There's something a bit er...

Apollo Creed about it.

To refine it you could stick a Statue of Liberty on top then the people on the back rows could enjoy it as well.

The hat I mean.
I thought it was nice Happy
Oi. I'm one of those monkeys. But I am one of the last few well trained monkeys. I've 'projected' for Kubrick, Cameron, Stone, Scorcese and Darabont to name(check) a few and they all went away happy.

But you are quite correct, there is no quality training happening now. Current thinking with the multiplexes is to get ushers to also work in projection. This is not the way to go but it's going that way and experiences like Chris's are the norm now and it's only going to get worse. That's why we need digital cinema pronto then at least the audience will get a passable presentation.

Nic Mall wrote: Both :D

Lucky for us though the trailers at Cineworld are about three hours long. So we didn't miss the beginning of the film.

'That's one bad hat, Harry'.
If it's anything like my Cineworld there's a clause that stipulates that the image must not be projected entirely on the screen - some parts must spill out onto the wall. Three of the five films I saw last week were misaligned, and they only corrected two out of the three after I complained. Obviously run out of trained monkeys.
Both :D

Lucky for us though the trailers at Cineworld are about three hours long. So we didn't miss the beginning of the film.
Nic Mall wrote: Though don't arrive ten minutes late and end up in the front row.

I bet you were popular. Audiences love that. Turning up late and sitting down front. Did you capitalise on this by wearing either a) a big hat or b) big hair?
Aye it was good. Though don't arrive ten minutes late and end up in the front row. Christ its evil on the eyes!
Sorry I got the movie confused with another So Sorry.
their is no twist, and you haven't even seen the film so you don't know what your talking about
I beg of you all now, please, use spoiler tags before discussing this so called "Twist" ending. The title of the thread makes it seem it is about the quality of the film (as the original poster did, making reference to style and technique, etc.), and while every discussion about a film being good or bad usually requires reference to the plot, but for someone who has waited a long time to see this and doesn't want any major plot points revealed, it'd be appreciated by me, and many others who click the link to see what others thought of it (good/bad, not "Wow! It was awesome when they revealed the Butler did it!").

Many thanks in advance.
So dissapointed to learn that the release date was pushed back here. I was still going by Premiere's Fall preview issue. (One tear...)
What plot twist? There wasn't anything particularly 'twisty' about it.
I did not care for it!  You could see the plot twist coming!
Kermode is GOD!
Saw it tonight and thought it was a solid film. I've been a fan of Clive Owen's ever since Sin City. Michael Caine was surprisingly good in it as well.

I also saw Little Miss Sunshine, which was better than I thought it would be. Kermode's review said it needed to be darker, but I thought it was about right. The end cracked me up.
Interesting that American audiences have to wait so long. Their loss I suppose.
it's not out over in the states till December 29th for the country wide release
Can't wait for this to hit the States on friday. Clive Owen is arguably the most talented actor working today and I'd be hard pressed to miss any of his new flicks.

Funny... I go from Jackass 2 this past weekend, to Children of Men this comming weekend. Duality of man indeed...
I was pleasently surprised at how good the reviews due to how pro- aslyum seeker it is, which is in my own personal opinion a good thing
Those long single-take action sequences were nicely done. Tom Yum Goong had a similar bit but with CoM, it was a lot more frequent.

Agreed there is a shortage of good films atm (although I personally preferred Clerks II to the first - loved both). I have a cineworld pass but the Aberdeen branch only screens mainstream garbage (*yawn*). Glasgow has a much better selection. Next film I'm looking forward to is the Prestige (Nolan).
Saw it last night and loved it.  I liked the way there was no attempt to explain everything and even though Clive Owen is in every scene, all of the characters had their own back-story.  Cuaron could have dragged it out to a 3 hour epic but kept it moving forward all the time, which is refreshing given that so many of the major releases since LOTR have been fairly bloated affairs.
Children Of Men was great and I loved loved Clerks II
Going to see it on the weekend with my brand spanking new Cineworld Unlimited card. Seems like it's the only decent film around at the moment, and I missed all the c**p like Snakes on a Plane that would have been a laugh to see for free. Clerks II was a disappointment.
Children of Men is a superb movie
As per title really. One of the finest scf-fi/political commentaries I've seen in a long while. Love the director's unique visual style, his long single take action shots, seamless CGI. Brilliant, absolutely superb.