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Chris, Malcolm, and Tom: PLEASE READ

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Quote: Originally posted by Tony DeFrancisco
You mean South Park?

Don't worry about it. Happy
Cock rocket!

I can hear the sound of the 'plane flying over Tom's head as I type. Wink
- -
  Say, have you seen that movie Clash of the Titans?        
  Oh yeah, the greek mythology.
  Hey, I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin', but I think unicorns are kick ass!
Quote: Originally posted by Malcolm Campbell
/me waits for Tom to watch that Trey Parker film and say, "That movie has warped my fragile little mind." Happy
You mean South Park?
/me waits for Tom to watch that Trey Parker film and say, "That movie has warped my fragile little mind." Happy
I dunno what's going on either.

It htink this is mental

You never heard of them, Tom?
Chris, don't sully poor Tom's ears with our filth!
Pah, that's far too cryptic for me!
I'll give you some clues. Trey Parker has a band named DVDA. There's a DVDA scene in Orgazmo. The 'Ds' stand for 'double'. I'll let you work the orifices out for yourself, sheltered Swindon boy Wink
.....I don't get it Sad
Hahaha!Laugh You're funny...

yea right.

Just playing Gabe.
Quote: Originally posted by Tony DeFrancisco
DVDA. Get back to me.

Funny ways to quote Tony out of context.
I was just thinking of it a few days ago and I decided to post something about it.
Ah, should have realised that deleted email and a lack of a Crash annoucement was linked.
Actually, the problem is Lions Gate for this one Wink They don't like responding to emails much! Infact, I got an alert the other day saying my message (about Crash) had been deleted before it was even read! I've added the news now though. Sorry about that
They don't post anything until it's officially released Wink

If nothing is here, that's why Very Happy
Yeah, I've also been wondering about its release. Maybe DVD Answers never got the press release.
Chris, Malcolm, and Tom: PLEASE READ
I know many websites posted stuff about Crash on Region 1, but how come you DVDA didn't post anyting? It's obvious that the release date is on September 6, but I am still thinking it's a rumor. Get back to me.