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Quote: Originally posted by rob murray
i dont know how it is in Aussie, but here in America its seasonal like alot of things. There also arent many good releases out there now so that could account for a dip the past week or two

I think you mean the past year!!
give them more corn
the pig wants more corn. but the farmer feeds the pig once a day.
Wheeeeeeee PIG!
i dont know how it is in Aussie, but here in America its seasonal like alot of things. There also arent many good releases out there now so that could account for a dip the past week or two
I went to the cinemas the other day and usually on a Saturday night it's packed but it certianly wasn't when I went......
Piraters will always be there - by releasing dvd's at the same time as in the movies, it will simply be pirated by less people, that's all...
Potential development for DVD' must read this!!
Still on the major issue, I've just read a really good article on my local Australian Financial Review with the caption - "Picture flickers as cinemas empty". It talks about how much revenue has been lost since January 2005 compared to last year 2004 among the cinema chains in Australia - Greater Union, Hoyts and Reading Cinemas. Analysts say that there is a lack of innovation in the cinema business which is why at the moment these cinema chains are looking at refurbishing the seats and improving food and beverages. I like one quote that says "You can't sell people Coke and popcorn forever". SO TRUE!!
The article also says some cinema chains in North America are leasing their foyer spaces to fast food chains like Pizza Hut and Burger King. Is this true guys?? There is one cinema in the city in Sydney doing it.
But why I mentioned this article is because there is a section that says some distributors and movie makers are talking about removing the "window" between a movie's debut release in cinemas and its debut on DVD by releasing the movie in both cinema and DVD on the same day!! I say GOOD-BYE PIRATERS!!
Exibitors say the piracy argument is diversion, when in fact the stuios and distributors want to use this as a way to reduce their high advertising costs, so instead of running two ad campaigns( one for cinemas release and one for dvd ), they could just run one.

We will definitely benefit by the fact we don't have to go to the cinema to watch the new movies when we can bring them home on dvd the day it premieres!

What do you guys think of this?

I'm all for it!!! No more waiting!!
I did that!! Duh!
Quote: Originally posted by Jonny "Me You"
That's why there's archives Wink
Yeah, Jonny has a point. Whenever you get time, try to look at some of the older posts.
Quote: Originally posted by lamar poole
ive only been a member since sunday

That's why there's archives Wink
But still, you're right. Look at War of the Worlds, big budget movie, big box office count, and a fast release date. But Hollywood is desperate for ideas. So that's why there is remakes. Hollywood thinks if they come out with remakes of big movies (The Grudge and The Bad News Bears) that they will consume at least $50 million and hoping that the slump will be over.
ive only been a member since sunday
Didn't we already do one of these?

cinema to dvd
does anybody else think it is strange that the cinema to dvd time period is getting shorter or is it just me