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I didn't quite like Sweeyney Todd either, just saw it on Friday. Cloverfield for me was okay, I actually started to like it more after seeing it for a while now much more than right after it finished. Juno was awesome, Page was bloody remarkable, too bad during the quiet moments there were "surround sound" (bass-shaking) from the next cinema - gosh it was so annoying.
I didn't enjoy 'Captain Jack Sparrow/David Bowie/Anthony Newly: Demon Barber of Fleet Street' that much, and I have yet to see 'Juno'. Cloverfield is the most effective of the five films I've seen in the cinema this year though.
Pretty good.
Better than sweeny todd, but not as good as juno...but i guess I can't really compare the two
I agree with you Chris, I too enjoyed it more than I thought I would. At times I felt that I was in the film, its refreshing not to see everything in this type of movie. Yeah Jersey Jedi I saw it, on the Dept of Def info page at the start. You have sharp eyes my friend.
Cloverfield is a non-stop smashfest meant to be forgotten as soon as it's over, then repeated the following weekend for people eternally hungry for empty sensations.
This is the first movie I've seen in a LONG time that completely weirded me out (In a good way). I left the theater with a kind of adrenaline euphoria that I used to get during HS Football. That feeling is a token to how well executed the flick was to make you feel "in the moment".

Plus, it's sweet that the director is writing more and more for LOST now. And did anyone else see the Dharma logo at the beginning?
Finally got around to seeing it today and it was very effective. I really enjoyed it; more than I thought I would in fact.The sound design made the film for me. Had the incredibly hot Jessica Lucas in it as well.
LOL quite possibly. Wheres the Calico and Captain Carl Majors and his device with the big red button when you need him?
Thankfully, it seems that these official looking designs flagged up by Chris ( as a joke? Happy ), are indeed just a piece of fan apart from the main creature's size, it wasn't very scary, was it?...

THIS may be the final design...
It could have been worse. They could have gone for one of those Puffer Fish jobs.

Looking at the design, it suggests to me that the normal blue whale has had quite enough of being on the sharp end of a harpoon and has evolved/mutated into a mankind arse kicking beast. And about time too.

Oh, and if this is indeed the final 'whale-like' design, is it just me, or would it have been more 'monsterous' for it's head to have been fashioned after the 'bull-headed' SPERM WHALES of 'Moby Dick' and 'Pinocchio's' MONSTRO fame, rather than the flat HUMPBACK WHALE look seen in that Production Art?
Either's pretty rediculous...but I do have a soft spot for sea monster movies.
"We're gonna need a bigger harpoon gun".
Chris, there have been been rumours of the main beastie being 'whale-like', with smaller 'tag-along' critters also, for a while now, and this piece of 'Production Art' seems to confirm those.  However, I wonder if these are the FINAL designs being used, and if so, the 'scale' ( compared to the Statue of Liberty ) of the main beast is impressively huge...but I just hope that the 'shaky-cam' of the trailers isn't used throughout the whole thing or I'll start to feel sea-sick...

I wonder if this is really a 'Gorgo' remake? Wink

Send in the nit nurse it looks like a flea.
Chris Gould wrote: LOL, I was right about the monster. Don't click this link if you don't want to see what it looks like.

well... i have no will power, so i went there.  i hope there is a plot the size of that critter there to go with it.
No fu*king way.  Is that what the Official Movie Monster is gonna be?
LOL, I was right about the monster. Don't click this link if you don't want to see what it looks like.
Man, that whale gets around doesn't it?
I bet it's a giant mutated whale.
yeah, i agree. i think this is exactly what kills decent movies. "Hype". all the hype around Hostel being unbelievably gory and scary, then you see it, and are left wanting. i hope this movie turns out to be a live action Super Smash Brothers.
Well, the purpose of the trailer was to create the suspense and mystery, and man did it work....I'm the curious type so I'll see it.

Then again, I was curious about Open Water...I'm still waiting to forget that garbage.
Some things cannot be unseen...
pfft....This movies going to rule....

Although, it totally reminds me of an episode of the Powerpuff Girls called 'Three Girls and a Monster' where some giant monster comes out of the ocean and destroys everything and the PPG can't stop him, only buttercups kindness does the, I cant believe I remember that.

I've got the feeling this movie is just a westernized version of The Host or maybe it's Godzuki? I doubt it's worth the wait unless it's................The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.