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An intersesting role for Michael Crawford, I was expecting him to shout out "ooh Betty" every 5 minutes.....
"He is not an agent of the CIA, he is a writer of comic books!!!!"

hehehe, terrible movie, but on my so terrible its good list.
Yeah, I was like 6. I wanted more flying and hitting. These days I've "matured".
Ahh. I see what you mean. It's not that they lack the credentials it's that they weren't published in the comics you mention. I suppose snobbery in comic books is just as valid as in art, music etc. And I don't mean snobbery in the derogatory sense. No beef here.
I'm going to assume I know what Gabe means when he writes 'real superheros' and state that a real superhero means any character from Marvel, DC, or any of the other comic companies, DC and Marvel especially since those were the only comic I read as a kid. Characters dreampt up from any other source, like Condorman or Darkman, wouldn't have been considered a real superhero by me either.
Love the recommendation on Amazon:

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Just out of interest, how would you define a 'real' superhero. Aren't they all just work of fantasy and fiction. How, for instance, is Batman any more real than Condorman? I'm not trying to be argumentative, I'd just like to here the distinction between the two from someone who 'digs' superhero's.
My mom rented this for me when I was about 6, and it was not a real superhero movie, so I hated it. I haven't seen it since.
Its bad
Ahh. Blast from the past. I think I went to see this 3 or 4 times when it came out. I was 10 years old at the time. I saw bits of it on TV maybe 5 odd years ago and it was still a guilty pleasure. Doesn't seem to be shown much and I've never seen it on shelves anywhere.

The Porsche's. The Condor Car. The Jet Boat with 'frickin' laser beams. The machine gun walking stick. "Multi purpose. Hair trigger"

And Ollie Reed. I've worked myself up into wanting to see this again now. I'll have to buy this just for the shear hell of it. Thanks for bringing it to the collective conciousness.
I wonder if this is as bad as I remember? Surely it must be terrible?