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Couple of Blu-ray videos...

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Are these officially released? They're certainly aiming real low. Disgustingly low. I'd be really surprised if they'd be allowed to use these if that's the case. Makes it sound as though the "war" is over, which it's far from being.

Once again: Blu-Ray doesn't have anything HD DVD doesn't have. HD DVD on the other hand has a lot more to offer. I'm with Chris on this one, it's about the name. People think blu-ray sounds cooler and they're obviously stupid enough to fall for the BDA's lies.
Touche Salesman.

Never going to that site again, lol.
This did at least tell you it was updating the system but it was just unexpected. You think the game will load when instead you get licence agreements and notifications that clicking yes will mean you won't be able to revert back to previous versions etc. We can do without all that guff. You'd think you're going to have half an hour shooting and sabreing stuff and you end up with your PS3 giving you a coronery. It updating WHAT now?

Anyway, it seemed to update fine and having said all that, I think it would be a good think for updates to be included on the disc as new Profile 1.1 titles come out. Although, thinking about it, it's not practical is it? You'd have to include updates for all the different manufactures of BD players.

So, in summation. An okay idea badly though out. Next.
The original Xbox used to do that. Right PITA that was because it didn't tell you before it did it.
Re firmware updates, Lego Star Wars PS3 updated my version 1.5 PS3 to 1.93 automatically. I wasn't ever expecting these updates to be on discs themselves. I wonder if BD movie discs will come with the necessary updates to assist people who haven't got their players hooked up to the internet.
No it's not Happy
that's for profile 2.0
Nope, not if the hardware isn't there. Profile 1.1 requires secondary video processing for Pip etc, which most players do not have.
Firmware updates will add compatibility to profile 1.1 in the majority of cases, including the PS3.
Load of marketing s**te. I see they don't publicise the fact that the format isn't standardised, so any player you buy now is already obsolete. They don't mention that BD-J titles currently take about 2-3 minutes to load because of the aforementioned standardisation issues. They also don't mention that you probably can't enjoy the lossless DTS-HD MA audio format because hardly any players or amps can support it. I think Blu-ray is 'winning' the format war because it has a cooler name.
Couple of Blu-ray videos...
Got a press release the other day with the following Blu-ray Disc related videos mentioned within...