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critically lambasted/$ dud movies you loved anyway

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i honestly don't know if it was supposed to be a drama or a comedy...but john singleton's baby boy.  that movie totally cracks me up.  
Freddy Got Fingered - Very under-rated IMO

Perfume: The Story of a Muderer - Unlike most critics, I absolutely loved it.  So much so that it made my top ten.

10th and Wolf - I enjoyed this sons-of-the-mob tale and James Marsden never looked so good.
The Terminal
ninja III:the domination
jurassic park 3
sister act 1-2
Carnosaur 1-3
howard the duck
Sure as Hell wasn't at the time, but I'll say "Titanic".
Here's where I got my hands on it (in a great double bill with another 'classic' )
Well when I was a kid it was on once a year.  I haven't seen it in 20 years.  I would however love to see it once again.  
stanton heck wrote: Santa Claus Conquers the MArtians

i had never heard of this movie i looked it up on imdb...and there it was...rated #81 on the bottom 100 of all time.  that's pretty die hard of you.  apparently's better than rhinestone and i may have to check it out.  
stanton heck wrote: Santa Claus Conquers the MArtians

I can't imagine watching this without the MST3K treatment including the song "Have Yourself A Very Swayze Christmas".  It must be painful.
Santa Claus Conquers the MArtians
I actually liked Tank Girl better than any of those. Rewatched Judge Dredd for the first time in a long time recently and it wasn't as much fun as I remember it being.
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Barb Wire
Judge Dredd

What can I say. I'm a sucker for comic book adaptations. But even I still despised Tank Girl
Oooh.... The Hulk!
I was forced most unwillingly to watch it and love it. I even find myself quoting it sometimes, but no one ever gets me.

Dejour means friendship!
Gabe Powers wrote:
Josie and the Pussycats

I hate to think how many times I've seen this movie. It's a great film.
Manda of Mu wrote: well, lets see....loved the 76' version of King Kong even though it had no dinosaurs....was obsessed with the American Godzilla film for a while but have since grown to not like it, and, well, lady in the water....

Yes! I haven't seen the '76 King Kong for a while but I remember enjoying it.  All that money spent on a massive full size animatronic and it's only in the movie for about two seconds!
well, lets see....loved the 76' version of King Kong even though it had no dinosaurs....was obsessed with the American Godzilla film for a while but have since grown to not like it, and, well, lady in the water....
Mr Mom was funny!  It was a box office hit however the critics haated it
I loved Jingle All The Way. I grew up watching that film, and I recently upgraded to the film a while back
I watched a lot of bad kids films when I worked at a daycare to finish college. Between 1999 and 2001 I probably saw more bad kids films than most parents, especially during summer when we watched one movie a day. Jingle all the Way was on that plate, and it made me a little sick to my stomach, but there were some surprises as well. The remake of the Parent Trap was pretty good, and Lohan was amazing, it's too bad she threw all that talent away. The talking parrot movie Polly was surprisingly good too, and kind of tragic.
stanton heck wrote: MR MOM

Yes, that one I enjoyed a lot too. I didn't know it was lambasted/bombed.  

I suppose I should include "Jingle ALL the Way". To me, watching Ah-nuld fight over a toy in increasingly unbelievable situations is funny.

I just saw "Curse of the Jade Scorpion", I have to say, while nowhere near the classic "Annie Hall" or "Stardust Memories" Woody, it was enjoyable. I don't think he should've been the main character (cast someone else, a bit more believable that Helen Hunt AND Charlize Theron would want to be with him).
MR MOM.  Porky's.  SAW   Blue Velvet (most crtics at the time hated it)  
Is it alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabe Powers wrote: I baste my lamb all the time. Keeps it flavorful Chris.

Just to clarify, is 'basting your lamb' some sort of of euphemism or do you actually regularly pour the lambs juices over it throughout it's cooking time?
Hudson Hawke.... Still makes me laugh out loud seeing Bruce Willis shooting down the street on an ambulance gurney worrying about having correct change for the toll.
I baste my lamb all the time. Keeps it flavorful Chris.
Gabe Powers wrote: Deep Blue Sea

I love that film, even though it feels dirty and wrong to do so.  The DVD commentary with Samuel L Jackson is great...

Spoiler ...after he cops it, he gets up and walks out of the room and leaves the rest of the commentary crew to finish off the film
"Gone in 60 Seconds"...i absolutely love it.
Lambaste. I like that word. We should use it more.
Saw III.
War of the Worlds
Blade Runner
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
The Island as well
Alien Resurection
Deep Blue Sea
Fianl Destination 2
From Hell
Josie and the Pussycats
Land of the Dead
Wonder Boys
and about 1 million B-budget horror and exploitation flicks.
Quite a few.  Supergirl, for one.  Loads of people hated Legend, but there is a devoted cult following and I enjoy the film immensely.

And I have a soft spot for Batman & Robin, so long as it's a scene that doesn't involve Arnold or George.  So, like...5% of the movie I actually enjoy.
I found The Black Dahlia to be alot of fun, although it's flawed. I also enjoyed The Island as well.
critically lambasted/$ dud movies you loved anyway
i don't know if this subject has been broached before...but i'm some critically lambasted as well as a box office dud movies that you loved anyway...

i absolutely loved "The Island" with ewan mcgregor and scarlett johansson.  that movie rocked!!!