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Curse of the Black Pearl - Blu-Ray - £7.99!!

Forums - Discs & Movies - Curse of the Black Pearl - Blu-Ray - £7.99!! 


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That's a good price, especially for you Brits. You guys sure do get ripped off with the prices of most things - we do in Canada too, but not as severely. Here you can get it for about £11.75 or about $24 from, although in stores in Canada it'll prob be $35 - $40.

FBI Warnings? What does that have to do with anything? Fear they'll fly over there and you'll arrested or something? lol
I've checked Curse and it does indee look like the UKBD has the framing issues detailed on other sites. However, without making excuses for Disney (it is still a balls up by them) the shots that are slightly too high when the film is playing go pretty much unnoticed. They're very quick handheld shots and they're honestly not enough of an issue for me at least to warrant seeking out replacements for.

And yes Chris, that is indeed what I was meaning regarding the FBI warnings and single masters.
I think he's saying that studios aren't making different masters for different territories, like they do with DVD. A lot of BD/HD titles have US ratings FBI warnings etc. I have the first two (freebies), but wouldn't know what the framing was supposed to look like in the first place. They take a friggin' age to load as well.
Whats the FBI warning on Ocean's 13 got to do with the cropping on the PotC?
They're not flogging this cheap because to the framing issue are they. Does anyone know if the UK BD's are affected with this or just the U.S? I haven't checked mine yet but my gut feeling is that the UK one's will have the cropped framing problems as all territories seem to be using the same masters. Ocean's 13 has an FBI warning.
A bit steep even if it were for the complete trilogy don't you think?
Woo! Posted. Happy
I stand corrected Chris, and also stand by my previous comment... Wink
Wouldn't be the general chat forum, but the bargains one.
Thanks for flagging that up Nic, and that is indeed a very good price.  I for one, STILL check out the 'General Chat' forum now and then, just in case there's a 'nugget' that I've missed, but think it's contents could just as easily be lumped into a single 'whole' HERE.  
Curse of the Black Pearl - Blu-Ray - £7.99!!

One per person, but WOW!
Wrong forum, I know but no one reads the other one and thought you'd actually like to know about this. Happy