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Da Vinci Code - R3 gift set - Pics :)

Forums - Discs & Movies - Da Vinci Code - R3 gift set - Pics :) 


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Got the Gift Set today, like 2 hours ago. A Superb Set!!! 'Wink
Damn right.
Aye, stop picking on Nic - she bites Wink
I'm not going to shop around for everyone who doesn't want to pay an extra few quid. I just let everyone know where they can get it from. WHICH IS WHAT THEY ASKED FOR.

Oh and by the by Spock. Don't be an arsehole. Theres no need to be insulting just because I posted a link to a site that was a tad more expensive...Or have you got the hump because everyone ignored your posts and not mine? Hmmmm?

I wasn't referring to what you already paid, but rather the fact that you're advertising a website that sells the item for 11 GBP more than you should pay.  That isn't logical or intelligent.
TLOE wrote: Are you an idiot or do you just like spending extra money? 43 GBP vs 32 GBP...!!

Can't take it with you. Besides, when I saw it I did shop around but no where else had it so I just bought it because I didn't want to miss out like I have done before. And it's only a tenner!
money isn't worth more then money....Happy
Are you an idiot or do you just like spending extra money? 43 GBP vs 32 GBP...!!
i still hesitate whether to buy reular 2-Disc Extended Edition, or the Gift one hand the gift set is looking so sweet and cool, and the fact that it's limited makes it more interesting, but on the other hand it cost way to much, and I don't know if the extra stuff is worth buying it...and the basic fact for not buying the Gift Set is that there is goin' to be so many DVD's soon I want to get: "V Fo V SE", "Underworld Evo", Infernal Affairs Trylogi", "Blade Runner", "Mission Impossible Trylogi", and last but not least "James Bond: Ultimate Editions"-and I want them all..the Bonds first..... Sad
demiscy wrote: BoBoi does the french have DTS ?
No DTS From the info and

However, the package is probably superior, if anyone wins a lottery then might as well get the second LE eh Happy
demiscy wrote: Nic where can we pre-order this set?


******! 42.99

Oh and it's limited to 5000 sets!
BoBoi does the french have DTS ?
TLOE wrote: This is the best gift set available..
I think the France LE is probably the best looking one out there (Just like so many coffret the French have done).

Da Vinci Code - Coffret Prestige Edition limitée & numérotée à 15 000 exemplaires. Inclus Double DVD Collector version longue + replique livret de 60 pages du carnet de notes de Langdon + pellicule composite + replique du Cryptex

EUR 89,99
In case you somehow missed it, you can order this for US $60 shipped from YesAsia:
The price is about $80 from CDWow.. tough choice, $60 or $80, hmm...
It's the Hong Kong deluxe edition:
Nic where can we pre-order this set? has a different set..

Germany on the other hand gets a whole lot different gift sets:
This is the best gift set available.. The Japan R2 set is a bit nicer, but lacks the extended DTS version of the film and is more expensive.  The R1 gift set is cheesy looking and the R3 Korea set is a clone of it, albeit with the same DVD version as R3 HK.  If anyone cares, the R3 HK gift set can be ordered from YesAsia for $60 shipped.
That's quick you've got it already. I'm still waiting, hopefully it's release on time on the coming 12th October.

It's a wonderful Gift Set, sold out here at a pre-order stage everywhere.

The French Limited Edition also looks extremely wonderful!

Thank You mate, can't wait to get hold of this beautiful set already!
Da Vinci Code - R3 gift set - Pics :)
Awesome AWESOME set!!

I've turned the piece of paper that comes inside the cryptex over cos I don't want you lot nicking my code Happy
The code used to open it is different to the one in the movie. If you don't want to know it DON'T read the red booklet.

Once you've cracked it you CAN change the code to any five letter word you want!

Oo baby!