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'Dark' Movie Quiz

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I actually enjoyed this little game, so did everyone else in my office who I sent it to.  We competed with each other.  Funny thing is, it did not make me want to try the new M&M at all.

Anyone know of any others like this?
MY TIME WAS 47:28s
42:15 and I got all 50 (although the time doesn't apply I don't think, I paused and didn't unpause at some times) . Some were extremely difficult Spoiler The Grudge, Pitch Black (guessed every variation of Darkness), etc. and some I didn't even know I knew Spoiler  Pirahna, Howling, etc. and some were just plain obvious Spoiler  Leprechaun, Invisible Man, etc. It was very fun. Thanks for posting the link.
I'm surprised such thought went into fluff marketing. Quite impressed.
I got about 35 in an hour, then lost interest and checked Matt's answers. The ones I missed were almost all newer films and the three that required counting. Oh well.
Methinks the time of 44 seconds on the leader board might be a bit of a cheat...
LoveFilm did something like this before back in July.

LoveFilm Contest
Here's an answer key; I managed to get 49 out of 50 in twenty-minutes (missed #24 on the list) and a friend pointed out the 50th one for me. Just remember that cheating takes all the fun out of don't look at the answers until you've completely given up.

And yes, I am the devil for posting the answers and tempting you with forbidden fruit...

1. The Creature from the Black Lagoon
2. Beetlejuice
3. Childs Play
4. Dark Water
5. The Shining
6. Psycho
7. A Clockwork Orange
8. The Invisible Man
9. Eraserhead
10. Pitch Black
11. The Wicker Man
12. Candyman
13. Rosemary's Baby
14. The Lost Boys
15. The Mummy
16. The Sixth Sense
17. Twelve Monkeys
18. Saw
19. Leperachaun
20. Dead Zone
21. Silence of the Lambs
22. Blade
23. Jaws
24. The 39 Steps
25. The Grudge
26. Blue Velvet
27. Halloween
28. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
29. The Ring
30. The Omen
31. Pirhana
32. Scream
33. The Butterfly Effect
34. A Nightmare On Elm Street
35. Children of the Corn
36. Rear Window
37. Signs
38. Pumpkinhead
39. The Village
40. House of Wax
41. The Birds
42. The Hills Have Eyes
43. Friday the 13th
44. The Howling
45. Seven
46. Alien
47. The Fly
48. Twin Peaks
49. War of the Worlds
50. The Crow
I did it, with help, in about an hour.
Man! That is hard! I went in all confident and got shot down after only a few.
'Dark' Movie Quiz
Kind of neat, even if it is just a marketing ploy for M&M's Dark candy. See how many of the 50 movies you can figure out.

'Dark' Movie Quiz