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Day The Earth Stood Still remake...

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As much as I enjoy Keanu and his movies, I think he's just wrong for this movie. I'll probably check this out but I think it's a pointless remake. I find that the story, the effects and set design hold up really well. The original is such a great movie, too bad some people won't watch a movie that's in black and white, or even made before they were born.
"We're not worthy! WE'RE NOT WORTHY!"

different movie but who cares.
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This is just one big no-no for me. The original movie is one that should never be remade. It's up there with It's a Wonderful Life and Alien as movies that just worked perfectly the first time around.

These are films that there was no one particular thing that made them the classics, that's just how they ended up - perfect. Without being able to say exactly what it was that made them perfect, you cannot hope to recreate it.
Day The Earth Stood Still remake...
I was intrigued when I first heard that a remake of Robert Wise's excellent black and white classic 'Day The Earth Stood Still' was going to be remade.  I've just found out that Scott ('The Exorcism of Emily Rose' ) Derrickson is going to direct it...which is fine...but that the person cast in the 'John Carpenter' role is...wait for it...Keanu Reeves!!!...  Is it me, or would he be better in the 'Gort' role?...