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Die Hard Trilogy ( 6 Disk Edition ) - anyone ????

Forums - Discs & Movies - Die Hard Trilogy ( 6 Disk Edition ) - anyone ???? 


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Gabe Powers wrote: The features on the R1 set are pretty weak.

I have the R1 6-Disk and I thought the features were excellent. What's the difference between the two?
Film cells are usually bogus anyway. I've seen cells from films that were scope and they are non anamorphic. Sometimes full frame with no soundtrack. Star Wars cells are a classic example of this. They obviously didn't come from an actual print so where's the value to them. They're just reformatted cheap knock off's, stuck on a piece of card, and flogged at an extortionate price to those that have more money than sense.
RalphFiennes wrote: The film cell was released in limited edition.  The rest of the set is the same though, just now they've run out of film cells.
..that is what I wanted to know..thanks for the answer (now i'm pissed on myself that I waited so long and missed Limited Edition)...Happy
and I have it so I do not need any pics..but thanks Happy
exactly ralph ! mine have no Film cell . it was for first issue only
The film cell was released in limited edition.  The rest of the set is the same though, just now they've run out of film cells.
hey £ukasz D
this set really is nice . specially with nice price on . but it now .
if you want some pic say how I send them to you !

by the way it is 3 seperated Digipack in box with a booklet in a paper cover
streange :/

I just got the copy I (finaly) bought from
and there is no "Reproduction Film Cell: Die Hard" in it" ??????
Are there 2 versions of this box set in R2 ??
The features on the R1 set are pretty weak.
I think the phrase Chris should be that the Die Hard 3 in the UK has been butchered. .  I was shocked when I saw the uncut R1 edition (having watched the R2 for years) Bad Language, Violence snipped. Not sure what the amount is but it does make a big difference to the film doesnt it
Die Hard 3 is cut in the UK.
I know that the first Die Hard has Polish subs in his European special 2 disc edition. It has DTS and very simmilar to the region 1 5 star set.
The other two, I don't know. Many times the ones sold in England will only have English subs and not all the other languages, but in many cases it will have them all.
great..sure it helps..u almost convinced me..but you think that your R1 box set is different than R2...and I gues you can't tel me if that is true that Die Hard 1 and 2 conteins Polish Subtitles
Click on "My collection" and look up  'Die Hard ' you will see an image of the boxset as well as the individual cases contained in the set. The keep cases are silver-colored and double-wide. The inserts are metallic as well as the outer cslip case for the collection. Hope that helps.
Die Hard Trilogy ( 6 Disk Edition ) - anyone ????
hello..i have a qestion about this great box set of all Die Hard movies:
does anyone have this set....can you post some photos or write how it looks...i mean the box.....and is this worth buying ??