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Die Hard/Bluray question

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Ok but the US and UK, there isn't much of a change! Happy
TX BoBoi!  You actually answered what I was searching for.
Not quite, a lot of the Region coding has changed actually in many countries, from DVD to BD

Like now Japan, HK, Korea, SE Asia are now all Reg A, before they are Reg 2,3,3,3 repectively.
ABC, 1, 2they're the same aren't they? 1 = a
2 = b biggy if someone says 1 instead of A?
Blu-Ray Region is A,B,C no such thing as Region 1,2 etc.

T2 US BD is not great, actuall fairly poor, if you want the best T2 now you have to get the French/UK/German HD DVD - much better both PQ and AQ, almost will blown you away!

Or you can wait a bit because Studio Canal is re-releasing the French HD DVD to Blu-Ray soon

I don't own any Die Hard on BD yet, so can't comment on that - but you an search for a cap at AVS.

Is is worth upgrading to High-Def? Well, this is much more difficult to answer than one may think. I would say so, as I think there's a great enough excellent titles being released alrady and since it's backward compatible, you can always upscale your dvd. 99% of my BD is ordered from Amazon though, don't but local disc here and my PS3 is Reg A, since we don't pay import custom anyway, even cheaper than buying local releases.
Die Hard/Bluray question
Why is bluray (region 1) not releasing unrated version of Die Hard (4).  Same with Terminator 2...  only the theatrical version is release. Is it really worth it to upgrade the system right away??