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Disney discs!!! my love!!

Forums - Discs & Movies - Disney discs!!! my love!! 


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People don't get banned for commenting on stuff they've bought (especially if I know they've been posting here for ages), people get banned for signing up to pimp their shoddy Asian bootlegs on our site.
I hope I dont get banned, but I have bought from one of those asian pirate sites, and recieved the coolest complete collection of the Transformers G1 & Movie in one nice tin case.  The quality was better than ever sold in the US, and I don't regret it.  It was super cheap.
On the other hand, on my second attempt, the next purchase was the exact oppisite Sad  still cheap, but not so much fun to watch.
It is a risk, plain and simple.
We can't add anything I'm afraid, that's down to Mal. I've 'amended' the posts in question and banned the accounts. We're not being hit as badly as some other DVD sites I know of. One that I visit is getting dozens of these a week.
You're kidding, right!!???

Ahhhhhhh!!!! I've had enough of this! It's embarassing!

Can't you do anything about this? Would it be possible for you to add some kind of function to the forum that let you view the first couple of post by new members, so you can then decide wheter it's ok to post it or not? I know other forums that use this. It would keep the forum free of these kind of posts.

What's most disgusting about these is that they're so painfully obvious. They don't spend any time trying to hide their intentions, do they? Wink
*Tap *Tap *Tap Is this thing on?
davidhuntisac**t?I know that site, and David Hunt is indeed a total c**t.
GaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD!!!!! I HATE YOU!
Disney discs!!! my love!!
hi,I am a fan of disney discs,like many people,I love the great stories and beautiful pictures in it..I ordered a whole set of the Disney's 100 Years Of Magic (132 discs) from www.davidhuntisac** is a very nice boxset!I love it,but I am going to send it to my little sister as a christmas gift...Happy
we can share the source if you enjoy