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Do you buy multiple versions of films?

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I've upgraded a lot of films, but usually as long as I don't lose anything by selling the lesser of the two discs, I'll sell the old one on eBay.  The only reason I keep different versions of the same film is if they are different cuts.  I like to retain theatrical and extended/directors cuts for comparison.  That's the only reason I own multiple copies of films though.

However, the number of films I've upgraded is staggering, but I like to get the best version of a film available.  I don't like feeling I've got something second-rate on my shelf of a film I like.
If I like that films I usually buy R1, R2 and R3 for that film and usually buy the best version available for that film as well like Gift Set or LE etc...
I bought both the theatrical and EEs of the Lord of the Rings movies, both Spider-man movies and their Gift set boxes. I will buy the Superman Ultimate box set, even though I own the first 2 Superman movies, the Fleischer cartoons and the Look Up in The Sky doc. I'm pretty sure I'll buy the 30th Anniversary box set of the Star Wars movies, depending on what's on it.
I got the 2 & 3 disc Gladiator sets,mainly because the 2 disc set was already awesome which is why I brought it way back when, not actually thinking that they could better it. And then the 3 disc set was on sale anyway...

I've got Starwars 4-6 on VHS and DVD and I'm not buying another set of them unless he brings out a complete saga set (as I've not bothered buying Eps 1-3 on DVD yet). The only thing that actually bothers me all that much about the last DVD set of 4-6 was the Hayden Christian ghost at the end of Jedi so I can live with the set I've got. I'm not lining the hairy duffers pockets any more than I have to!

I still think that the studios should be made to announce what sets they are going to be releasing in advance of the first one coming out (like they did with Lord of the Rings) though. Surely there's got to be some trading standards issue when it comes to new movies as the studios know exactly what they've got that they can put on the dvds right from the start.

I can understand it with old movies where new stuff that they didn't know still existed is actually found in dusty cupboards but when they release a new movie on dvd hailing it as the greatest edition ever, knowing full well that they've got a whole other bunch of stuff that they're going to be putting on another set that'll be out in a couple of months time anyway, it really isn't that far off using deceit to obtain money.
The only ones I'm buying again are: Blade Runner (multi-disc set) and Star Wars 30th IF it's worth it. Other than that, if I got it, that's it. I may get the Superman collection again, just for extras and lower price than buying ones I want individually, but I'd still keep all of them on my shelf.
Ok great I'm not the only one who "gets suckered" when the studio put out another edition!  I will be the first in line to buy "Star Wars" 30th Aniversary Edition
Star Wars Films

Cheers Chris!
I don't even know where to's some...

Star Wars films
Star Trek films
RoboCop films
Predator films
Alien films
The Fly
The Thing
Halloween 1-5
They Live
Prince of Darkness
Escape from New York
The Rock
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Batman films
Dawn of the Dead
Top Gun
Terminator 1 and 2
Silence of the Lambs
Time Bandits
Apollo 13
Ok, apparently I can't edit my post, so here I go again...

Elektra - standard and director's cut.
The Exorcist - standard edition, SE and The Version You've Never Seen Before.
Fantastic Four - standard and 2-disc SE (R2).
Friday The 13th - R1 and R2 SE.
Frighteners - Standard and director's cut.
Gladiator - 2-disc LE and 3-disc Extended Edition)
Halloween - 2-disc LE, 25th Anniversary Edition and Restored.
Halloween H20 - R1 and R2
HULK - R1 SE and R2 LE box set.
Jason X - Spanish SE and R1 Platinum.
Kingdom of Heaven - 2-disc SE R2 and 4-disc EE R1.
Lord of The Rings films: 2-disc SE's of all three and EE's of all three.
Man-Thing - R1 and R2 LE Steelbook case (think it's dutch)
Mulholland Dr. - 2 different releases.
Phantasm - R2UK, R1 SE and as part of bootleg box set and part of official box set.
Phantasm II, III & Oblivion - part of both box sets and R2UK.
Phenomena - DFW and Medusa.
Picnic At Hanging Rock - R1 Criterion and R4 CE.
Scream - Collector's Series and director's cut.
Sin City - standard and Recut, extended & Unrated
The Stendahl Syndrome - DFW and Medusa (2-disc)
Switchblade Romance/Haute Tension - standard and uncut.
Texas Chain Saw Massacre - 2-disc SE and 2-disc CE.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 - standard and gruesome edition.
Tremors - R1 and R2 CE's.
X-Men - standard R1 and R2 2-disc SE.
X2: X-Men United - Standard and 2-disc SE.
X-Men: The Last Stand - R1 CE and R2 2-disc SE.
demiscy wrote: Didnt know Criterion had a Robocop release.
Is it OOP ?

Yup, has been for ages I'm afraid. It's non-anamorphic, but probably still the best release as they didn;t screw with the video/audio like MGM did.
The only DVDs I ever intentionally bought more than one copy to keep is the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  I knew going into buying the theatrical versions the extended editions were coming in several months, but I wanted both versions anyway.  Things like Hellboy and Sin City, I just waited for the better releases.  I very much appreciate the powers that be who let us know ahead of time about the better (deluxe, uber, special editions) coming out at a later date.
Didnt know Criterion had a Robocop release.
Is it OOP ?
Well, Chris, you're not alone here. I have:

Alien films - in both Legacy and quadrilogy form.
Amelie - 2 releases.
Batman films - Original and SE versions.
Black Hawk Down - 3-disc release and Extended Edition.
Black Rain - original and CE.
Christine - original and SE.
Chronicles of Narnia... - Widescreen release and 2 different CE DVDs.
Daredevil - original and director's cut release.
Dark City - UK release (EiV) + R1 Platinum.
Donnie Darko - original and director's cut.

Have to go to work i'm afraid. But maybe i'll edit in the rest later,... or maybe you get the picture? Wink
I've got 10 copies of Halloween and multiples of the rest as well.  Back when I was big on eBay, I bought or traded numerous Producer's Cuts of Halloween 6.  At one time I had upwards of 60 of them from different sellers.
This is a good question. I am guilty of it!

I have bought every "Halloween" and "Sound of Music" and whenever Disney comes up with another edition of thier Animation Titles
i agree with Gabe...
for the moment I don't have any duplicate-title DVD

but i'm goin to buy "HEAT 2-Disc" (i own 1 disc edition)
and "Leon - Anniversary Edition 2Disc" (i also have standard release )
I try to trade in older versions, and I only rebuy if the upgrade is a huge difference (it took me forever to finally rebuy The Thing because I didn't think the video would make that big a difference, but it did). The only time I keep both copies is if it's an Argento movie.
Do you buy multiple versions of films?
Right, I'm bored and not nearly drunk enough. So, what films have you bought multiple versions of, knowing full well what you were getting yourself into? I tend to get a bit obsessed with certain films for a short period of time and go mental buying them up.

I know our own David Beamish has about five hundred copies of Army of Darkness (I sent him one of them), and I'm sure Matt Joseph owns as many - if not more - copies of the Star Wars films than I do.

Personally, I have way too many duplicates now. Some of these are because they're slightly different cuts, but mostly it's because they're SEs. From memory I have:

Donnie Darko: R1, R2 and R2 Directors Cut. I bought the R1 just to have the correct speed and pitch for the songs. Sad bloke.

Lady Vengeance: Three R3 versions, and I'm planning on buying the R1.
Mr. Vengeance: R1 and R3, with the R1 being vastly superior.
The Alien films: Got the Legacy boxed set, then bought the 'Quadrilogy'.
The Matrix films: Again, bought all of the individual titles (including Animatrix), then the uber-set.
Pulp Fiction: R4 and R1 R1 UE.
Jackie Brown: R4 and R1 UE.
Sin City: Couldn;t wait for the extended edition, so I have both R1's.
Hellboy: R1 theatrical and director's cuts.
Hero: R3 theatrical and director's cuts.
Mr. Vampire: R2 and R3 SE.
RoboCop: R0 Criterion and R2 MGM.
Shaolin Soccer: R3 HK and Korean UE.
Star Wars 4-6: More than I care to mention.
The Thing: R2 and R1 SE.
Ichi the Killer: UK R2 for the commentary and uncut Dutch R2.

Well there are loads more, but that'll do for now.