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Do you live near an FYE store?

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Nic Mall wrote: Manda of Mu wrote: Glad you got it ok.

That was fast too!

Heh, I'll say...
Manda of Mu wrote: Glad you got it ok.

That was fast too!
Nic Mall wrote:

free world delivery too

fan-f**king-tastic. Much love Nic.
Glad you got it ok.
Just curious, is ST available on Blu-Ray on your side of the pond?
I know Beowulf was distributed differently internationally, and I dfinetly want Sweeney in HD.
Hooray! Arrived this mornin'
Cheers dude
There shouldn't be any difference, Mandu.  I kept a receipt and it was like $9.48 to ship it.  Those tins are horrible on the weight restrictions the post office puts on us here.  hah
Awesome, have sent the cash over!
Thanks Franchise, I'll go with that.

So Nic, send over $38.74 and I'll cover the difference if there is any. Send it to
I know it cost me about $10 to mail the tin that you got last time, Nic.
Most excellent.
The Royal Mail website seems to think it'd be around $11-$15 but that is if I were sending it to you. So yer..bit pointless that was! Happy

That'll be $28.74 (can you believe thats their SALE price?!), I'm going to try to get to the post office asap and let you know what the damage is to ship it, unless anyone happens to know offhand?
I'm not even going to try top the Sally pics.

Manda, heres my email
If you want to email me your paypal, I'll send over the $$$
How much do I owe you?

YES....YES....YES, OH GOD YES!!!!!!!!!!
Got your steelbook Nic. It was the last one they had too!
Thats me if I don't get it...
Can't wait to find out if Nic actually gets it. Oh the tension.
YES YES PLeeeeeeeeeeASE!
...and if that does not pan out, we have one in Lexington, Ky (USA) near where I work, so I will look if no one else finds it.
I was in there a few days ago and they had a full rack of them....I'll see if I can make it there this weekend. I'd go now but my cars in the shop so I'll have to summon one of my henchmen to take me if your still looking.
huh...never heard of FYE before. Go figure, but the map on their site it looks like they're all over the place.

I apparently do not rock quite hard enough, because the FYE was a no-go on the Sweeney tin. Sorry Nic.
Jedi, you rock.
88, I've seen the ebay (first place I look!) steelbooks but didn't want to pay £30+ for it. Thanks tho!
I pass one on the way home from work. I'll stop by 2morrow night and let you know if I find one.
Nic, I saw some Sweeney steelbooks on I know its probably not much help to you but I thought I'd let you know just in case.

For anyone in the U.S. here is a link to FYE(For Your Entertainment) site and Store Locator.

Nic's Steelbook ardour must be fulfilled.

Do you live near an FYE store?
Apparently FYE have an exclusive Sweeney Todd steelbook. (mmmm)
Was wondering if anyone lived near one of these FYE stores and was willing to buy and post it to me? I'd pay for the DVD and postage of course, Franchise can vouch I'm good for it...(that so makes me sounds like a crack head)