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Donnie Darko on Blu Ray

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I wouldn't hold your breath.
7 days left...
I refer you to the above post.
Just checking Happy So do you think its still arriving on September 29th?
If there was I would have posted it.
Any news on the subject?
I rate DD very highly, at least on a par with some of those.
Hey I think the UK is luckier than the US with bluray releases.

Thanks to optimum you guys are soon to get Belle De Jour, Deer Hunter, Ran, Elephant Man, Leon, and La Haine. All far better than Donnie Darko.
Still no Donnie Darko on Blu-Ray in Sweden. We do get the sequel in a week or so though. Yay! Wink
Yes, erm, as pointed out in another thread, it is Metrodome who are releasing it. Dunno why I wrote Optimum.

Apparently this is arriving on the 29th of September.
All your base are belong to us? lol
Anyway bring us Donnie Darko in the UK damnit!!
All our base etc etc. Didn't this guy start that?
Re : Donnie Darko on Blu Ray
opoll602 wrote: Because this is not for all the region so, they can not launch this type of movie in this country.

So, we are going for any other way !

Re : Donnie Darko on Blu Ray
Because this is not for all the region so, they can not launch this type of movie in this country.

So, we are going for any other way !

Quiz :- and
Funny Quizzes :-
I havent seen the theatrical version in ages since it werent on the DC dvd! But yes i did love it more Tongue I cant wait for the Blu Ray to come to Europe
The theatrical version is Soooo much better than the director's cut. Not only did they over explain everything in the director's cut, they changed the music!!
Its not so much the transfer im looking most forward to, but the fact that i can switch between the Theatrical Cut and Directors Cut, which i both love and both on the same disc! I only had the Directors Cut DVD but i sold it as soon as i heard about the Blu Ray with both versions on
It's all relative innit. I've yet to see a BD that doesn't look better than an SD release on my TV, simply because there's no scaling involved. I'm an HD w***e nowadays though (although I probably wouldn't be if I'd had to pay for half of the stuff I have).
You do know that it doesn't really look that much better on BD than on DVD, right? Great movie though.
Sweet Happy
Thanks for the info Chris!
They announced it internally ages ago and I got confirmation (after much nagging) from one of their people a while back. No date yet, but I'll be all over it when it arrives!
Oh my god! For real, Chris??  If so its the best news ever! Its my all time favorite movie :D

PS - Im ignoring takashistorm since hes a dick! lol
"I'm not hearing a no..."
Optimum are releasing it this year.
because we are better than you? Wink
Donnie Darko on Blu Ray
Why in the love of f**k has it not been released in the UK? Why is it only americans who can enjoy it hi-def? I mean if they just made the US version All Region i wouldnt be pissed but when they cant even do that, idunno...
I think theyve hold out long enough so please release it now!