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You can still add DVD to Profiler if you have more than fifty, but you can't upload them to the online collection bit. Bit c**p seeing as the limit used to be 400 or more.

It's a pity DVDCollector never got a bigger following. it looked like it would be a good program, but very few people used it.
DVDProfiler is indeed a good programme - you need to pay for it now $30 if you have over 50 DVDs, but I think it's a fair payment for all the work the team has put in.
The problem for me is film talk have not sent me the email notification yet! I have waited a day and a half already! Not impressed! Thanks Mark. Totally agree with Gabe as usual! DVD Spot is not an option!
No problems.
I use to use DVDspot, but it's a b***h to upload new discs and they're missing so very many. I got sick of it and moved to DVDAficianado last year.

Oh thank you Mark, that work. Phew.

Much better.
Hi guys. Here's what you do. Go to

It will tell you to migrate your collection from the old to the new

You will be asked to confirm your current username and password, and email address, then you'll need to go check your inbox to get the new validation code for your new account to be validated.
It's that simple. I've just had my new account validated. Your username will now be at the front, not the back of the link. Hope this helps you guys. Shame that you can no longer show all the DVD's you own, as I cannot find the all owned link, anymore! And all your genres are mixed up! Damn!
It won't log me in at all. Says I don't exist. That's f**king great.
Worked fine for me, but it sucks you cant see your entire collection at once anymore.
That's your fault for owning a Mac...

but DVD profiler doesn't work on a Mac!
This is why I never bothered with it and used DVDProfiler instead. At least with that you have greater control over the downloaded program and aren't at the whim of some crazy web developers---they can get rather cagey sometimes and do crazy things...
same here Gabe. Why couldnt they leave the site alone?
I don't see anything. It won't even load.
I have no idea! My password and username wont even work now! Nor can I find ANY WAY to update my collection! DAMN!
dvd af!
I cannot believe what's happen with dvd aficionado! They sent no notification via email at their plans! I got the shock of my life when I wanted to update my collection! 2 days ago now this! What is the consensus on the update 2.0 version of the site?