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DVD Chapter Inserts Disappearing?

Forums - Discs & Movies - DVD Chapter Inserts Disappearing? 


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Dennis Kristos wrote: To Adam Roddis,

Hey You!!  Why don't you invest in a grammar book or two, a dictionary/thesaurus, or some spelling lessons (your choice) and an assertiveness course while you're at it.  What totally uncalled for and untelligible fu**ing drivel!!  ;P  Keep smiling...

Best, --= Dennis =--
Hey, Dennis, if you want to stop typing "Best, --= Dennis=--", you can also do sigs.
To Adam Roddis,

Hey You!!  Why don't you invest in a grammar book or two, a dictionary/thesaurus, or some spelling lessons (your choice) and an assertiveness course while you're at it.  What totally uncalled for and untelligible fu**ing drivel!!  ;P  Keep smiling...

Best, --= Dennis =--
No Chapter Inserts is not cool!
I use chapter inserts, particularly the side with the movie picture, for promotions of Movies "Now Showing" in my Cinema.
Now these movie pics has been replaced with "Other Great Titles to choose from"

Hmmm when I first discovered some DVD purchases without inserts, I was worried that I might not have purchased an "original" copy, and felt somewhat shortchanged. Now that it's happening so frequently, I kind of got used to it, and don't miss it so much. If it's just a one sheet or foldable insert, they may as well have done away with it.
True, but when you pay the full price for a movie, it would be nice if they took the time to enclose a nice little insert. Lord knows it won't break them to print up a sheet of paper and stick in the box.
who the hell cares anyway, you r so sad its pityful, ah didems, no chapter inserts, whats this world coming too, I can't watch my dvds now cos theres no chapter inserts, it spoils the hole dvd , now that there are no inserts. get a grip ppl! lol, why do you care if there are no chapter inserts, and why do ppl care about packaging so much on dvds, who cares, what matters is the film itself not the f**king covers, ahhhhhhhhh!!! lol
All of the Audrey Hepurn movies I have don't have inserts, and the 1 Miramax film that I have, Cinema Paradiso also doesn't have it either.
Infact it seems only the Digipak's and some of the slipcases have had inserts.
Although the only time I'd be worried would be if it was a clear disc(meaning no real color on the case, just something that says Widescreen, region 1, blah blah).
I always hated the chapter inserts because they didn't really pay attention to how they named chapters and very often there were spoilers in the chapter inserts.  Nothing worse than a twist in the movie ruined by the chapter inserts.
Shouldn't we be thankfull they are saving tree's. Pfft, Bought Parramont Classics Catch-22, Apocalypse Now Redux, and Gladiator Extended SE, they had niffty booklets with pics and Movie Histories. Nice to see they still care.
Antiquated?  The comparison about the long boxes CDs were intitially marketed in (was done to make browsing for them convenient and was also a defacto anti theft measure) doesn't hold.  The CD long box was external packaging; chapter sheets are internal and for reference.  So how do the two equate?  And please don't use the go to the set up to find the chapters argument...   It's inconvenient to go to the set up menu and find the chapters list while watching a  film, n'est ce pas?  This most certainly *is* a money issue in my mind.  Moreover, in addition to acting like a playbill of sorts, occasionally the inserts had director's, producer's or actor's notes about the rationale of the extras included or other info about the flick or If it was a no-frills film only release there was a "Thank you for buying this disc.     Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it" type of message.  

Best, --= Dennis =--
It not just a money issue as to why there aren't showing up more and more--inserts are antiquated and for the most part redundant, kind of like those long boxes that CDs used to come in way back when.
Paramount dropped them long ago. I wish the studios would keep them though, it cheapens the packaging to keep the inserts out. There was something unique about them I hadnt seen in a home video before.
Funny how you can't say Ridd**k on here, huh? Wink

Anyway, I saw it on War of the Worlds CE too.
DVD Chapter Inserts Disappearing?
Has anybody noticed the chapter inserts you used to get in most DVDs are becoming scarcer these days.  Seems to be the situation here in Canada.  I first noticed this with Universal's "The Chronicles of Ridd**k" last year; Paramount's "Sky Captain" earlier this year and now, it looks to becoming a matter of course rather than the exception.  Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros are the worst offenders with Dreamworks apparently not far behind their lead.  The latter studio seems to be omitting the inclusion of inserts for their anime titles.  "Ghost In The Shell II: Innocence" and "Millenium Actress" to cite just a couple.  Paramount's '53 "War Of The Worlds" CE didn't have one, neither did the WB "King Kong Collection" (King Kong/Son Of Kong/Mighty Joe Young) nor did Universal include any sheet for this week's King Kong Vs Godzilla/King Kong Escapes twinpak.  I can name others, including some of the 2 disc Star Trek movie Collector Editions of the last two years.
Now, understand that I'm not expecting chapter sheets for every back catalogue title or cheaper priced reissue release, but when the studios' new releases don't include them, I take exception.  There simply wasn't any excuse for Warner Bros to have not put one in the King Kong disc of the set.  Are they cheaping the consumer out or are they not getting to their Mexico or offshore manufacturing facilties where it seems more and more discs are being pressed there.   Comments or explanations anyone?  Also, is anybody interested in starting up an online petition if the explanation doesn't cut it beyond "the suits wanted to save a few cents per disc"?

Best, --= Dennis =--