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DVD region code craziness and how to end it.

Forums - Discs & Movies - DVD region code craziness and how to end it. 


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Haha the best bit was where the tit posted his c**ppy site on a DVDnerd forum! Awesome!
If you're going to spam the forums it's best not to register with a name that matches the personal webspace where your s**tty spam site is hosted. T**t.
Worst Nightmare wrote: This looks like a spam post to me....

Yep, looks like it.  Looks like the only way to end DVD region code craziness is to give Arthur some of your hard-earned.

If it's not spam Arthur, I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that some unlock codes are available for free on this site or via a little thing called Google Wink
This looks like a spam post to me....
find your dvd player model and make it region free!

i know I did
Region coding exists partrly because different countries release films at different times.  I know it isn't fair and I would love to see region coding to be a thing of the past.  However, I don't think it will happen.
DVD region code craziness and how to end it.

This Christmas I, like many others, received a DVD player, a Panasonic, real nice..5.1 surround sound and all). I immediately went to connect it to my TV, a nice HD Philips
I pressed play and lo and behold I got the eh uh of ERROR.
My wife buys me a DVD and a CD she bought during a trip to New York.  The CD plays the DVD says ERROR.
What's the difference.
One is restricted the other is not.
Because the film companies have more influence than the music industry it seems.  
George Bush once said you were either with him or the enemy in the war against evil.
The same seems to be said for the Motion Picture Association of America when it comes to the subject of piracy.
They are obsessed to the point where we cannot play the DVDs we want in the units we have paid money for.
The MPAA is to many people rightly concerned about a movie being shown on the big screens being available on the internet.
Shah!  They said the same about DVDs and Videos. It would be the death of the movie industry.
Has anyone heard of crying wolf.
We have heard it all before but now it is affecting our way of life.
How can anyone argue that a scratchy badly produced copy of film created by someone taking a camera into a movie theatre is really going to stop people from going out and watching it in its full glory in the big screen.
Its just not happening.  More people are going to the movies than ever.
Not only that the film companies are raking it in through sales of the  DVD of the film, then the limited edition of the film, the director's cut then there is the ultimate edition.
How many different ways do you need to make money out of a movie product.  
Now you can lend a paperback to friends, but e-book programs won't let you do the same with an electronic text. You can make a backup copy of a CD for your personal use, but you can't with a DVD.
The studios mandate severe restrictions on consumer-friendly features, like preventing fast-forwarding through commercials, no copying of any kind whatsoever, and making discs only playable in certain regions in the world.
So my wife, mortified at giving me a duff present, then starts to try and find the solution on the internet.  Finds a site called DVD Unlocks 4U and gets instructions for not one but two  unlocks for my DVDs at home and it works.  She showed me the site which is openly providing a service to help people make their DVDs muliregion which sounds bad but you can actually buy multiregion players. There are others beside them as she showed me asking crazy money for something called modding which I don't even want to think about.  Leave it to the people who say they can find the instructions for your it is just giving me a headache.  I even found that Amazon provide customers online with details of how to make their DVDs region free it is that stupid.
So why don't we end this stupidity and just make DVD players like CD players completely free or region restriction.
So I am not going to fret over youngsters with video cameras in cinemas.  I am more concerned about the cigar smoking  film company executives in their big houses and fancy cars worrying about the state of the film industry to the extent that it is infringing on my rights as a consumer.  It's all bogus. Having region free DVDs is not going to bring the studios to their knees, and we all know it.