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dvd regions and other HK disk issues

Forums - Discs & Movies - dvd regions and other HK disk issues 


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I spent the extra money a while back for a Multi-region DVD player with a built in PAL converter.  Those are always nice.  Sometimes you can buy a cheap DVD player from Wal-Mart and unlock it.  Norcent was my old standby, but had problems with PAL being that it would block the video and play it in the middle of the screen with the video being very small.  hah
No problem. Happy
Thank you so much for your help.
Region 0 means that it isn't locked to any particular region, so any DVD player will play it. The thing to look out for is whether it is encoded with NTSC or PAL, and then if your system is capable of displaying the standard.
I saw DVD regions in the subject line and thought it best to post here than create a new thread.

Region 0: Will it work in any DVD player? (I have R1, so will it work in there?)
Sometimes you cannot change the soundtrack via a DVD player's soundtrack button, so have a look around the DVD menu system to see if you can find it there.

Suppose it could be a pirate copy, most of the mail order companies over there sell proper versions, but you are likely to find dodgy versions on the streets whilst visiting.

Unfortunately my version of this film isn't from Hong Kong, so can't really be more helpful.
dvd regions and other HK disk issues
i was directed to this web site from another to find out some info about dvd regions due to some dvds that I got from my last trip to Hong Kong.  They have a number of shops where you can buy dvds for cheap (from about $3-20 us for current titles).  most of the titles have a ntsc region code of 3, but most of the chinese/hong kong kung fu/police type movies have region code of all.

i got a copy of the movie the myth, it is a jackie chan movie that came out in the theaters (at least in HK) last summer.  the movie region is all but when I try to play it there is no normal sound track, only the commontary sound track.  the subtitles work okay.  has anyone experienced anything like this?  is the audio track embedded into the video somehow?