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 DVD titles released with lousy extras...

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show makes up for it....
Damages has just OK extras, but the quality of the show is so damn good that I'd say it makes up for the lack in extra goodies. Although my buddy with the Blu Ray version swears theres all sorts of stuff on his that arent on my standard DVD copy. Whats up with that?
mckinney2795 wrote: The Original Sleepaway Camp!Even the box set of Sleepaway had nothing...
scrooged. gits.
I wish "Carmen Jones" had a special edition.  
The R2 Edition of Munich was pretty lousy, well the one released in UK/Ire anyway. I still have it though, I think there are far better version's available. But they stuck us with this one so I see no need to buy another.
The Original Sleepaway Camp!
TroyAnderson wrote: Wow. Apparently, there are people who love "The Wiz".
For gods sake don't get him started.
I hate it when an SE comes out and it includes a trailer and a 15-minute featurette. Look at Commando...we waited all that time, and we get a few measly deleted scenes, a brief featurette, an even briefer second featurette (which had some classic stuff, no doubt) and a lousy commentary. Oh, least it was the DC, anamorphic, etc.
Wow. Apparently, there are people who love "The Wiz".
THE WIZ 30th Anniversary Edition DVD + Bonus CD
'Universal Studios Home Entertainment'

This Anniversay DVD will have the 'EXACT' same bonus features as the older DVD released in 1999. The only NEW bonus feature is an 8 track Audio CD featuring songs by Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. What a rather DULL bonus feature since most fans of this film already own the 'Original Movie Soundtrack' audio CD.

Shame on 'Universal Studios Home Entertainment' for NOT giving this 4 Time Academy Award Nominated Cult Classic the once in a lifetime Anniversary DVD it deserves!!
The first Harry Potter flick on DVD.

Truly horrible setup.
Just like the R1 of Night/Day Watch great movies with hardly any extras.
The Secret of NIMH (2-Disc Family Fun Edition)

The second disc included one 15 minute behind the scenes featurette and about 5 lame games. If they had only the widescreen version instead of both that and the full screen edition, they probably could have put the disc 2 content on disc 1. It was a very disappointing release.
Pretty much everything nowadays...
DVD titles released with lousy extras...
So I waited and I waited for a region 2 release of the excellent 'POLTERGEIST'...and looked forward to the goodness that would no doubt accompany it's 2-disc release...

...only to find it's miserly 'extras' ('extraneous' more like) weren't even to do with the movie's production in any way...and didn't even include it's TRAILER!  And again, what is it with not even including any available 'trailers' on certain releases?

Anyone care to flag up their own pet 'minimal-extras' movie DVDs?