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Is there even an truly unrated version of that? Wasn't it just cut in America the first place, so the 'unrated' version is the proper theatrical cut as seen in Japan?
Ichi the Killer
"Natural Born Killers"
If you get the Criterion Collection of Armageddon.  It's unrated and there are some noticeable differences to it, but I think if it were re-submitted it would still get the PG-13.  Dumb & Dumber unrated is well worth it too, a lot of good deleted scenes put back in.
Team America
floyd dylan wrote: ...Day of the Dead - Only Night, Day and Land are unrated.

What? I'm sorry but I don't undertand this at all. Every film in the series has an unrated version, infact Land is the only one with a rated version.
Thanks for the input, I'm now tempted to censor "suck" Happy
These forums suck. The Chronicles of Ridd**k is a movie and they censor it.
Boat Trip, and they made unrated versions of Coyote Ugly. And the unrated versions of Harold & Kumar "extreme unrated", and the Devil's Rejects "unrated director's cut", Unleashed, Blade 3, Haggard, King Arthur, the Dreamers, Dawn of the Dead, Charlie's Angels 2, Barb Wire, George Romero's Land of the Dead '05, Dukes of Hazzard unrated, White Chicks "uncut and unrated", Lords of Dogtown "unleashed", Chronicles of Ridd**k director's cut, High Tension uncut, Orgazmo and Wild Things unrated, National Lampoon's Van Wilder / Dorm Daze / Gold Diggers, Exorcism of Emily Rose, Havoc, the Sweetest Thing and Dirty Love "unrated"s, 9 Songs, Original Sin, Soul Plane, Underworld's 2-disc unrated director's cut re-release, and the Swimming Pool. And the Fog unrated and Doom: the extended/unrated version.

Plus the extended versions released after the theatrical versions: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, AVP, the Elektra uncut edition, Not Another Teen Movie, xXx, Club Dread, Scary Movie 3.5, Don't Be a Menace 2 South Central Whilst Drinking Your Juice in the 'Hood, Clerks. & Mallrats extended, Sin City - recut/extended/unrated version. And now Dumb and Dumber unrated.

I don't think any of them deserve the word.
Errr, I know that's what I've just wrote.
True Romance
Day of the Dead - Only Night, Day and Land are unrated.
Bride of Re-animator
The remake of The Fog started out promising, but never pulled together; the last twenty minutes or so were especially a complete mess. The flashback scenes were all unnecessary and the backstory was much more effective and mysterious when Hal Holbrook just read out of the old journal. The original film was admittedly not one of Carpenter's best, though I do have a soft spot for it, but it was ten times more spooky and effective than the new one...just another example of sometimes less is more.
All of Romero's zombies films and they are all Unrated.
Yeah, Dark Dude I tried to like The Fog and I'm not saying its bad it was okay but I definately wouldnt say it was good. And I found anothers:

- Dawn of the Dead [Unrated]
- Underworld [Unrated & Extended]
Brian O. wrote: I second the 40 Year Old Virgin... However, were the LOTR Extended versions "unrated"? I believe the packaging still has it as PG-13, I could be wrong though.

No, they were PG-13, I just think that the final product was too violent for such a rating, and the extended versions should've probably been unrated or R.
Dark Dude wrote: And Another Question Why do ya'll think it sucked? It just did, had to see it for myself too... dreadful and a waste of my money.
One Question. I Got the The Fog(2005) For free andwas watching the deleted scenes. I was thinking if they added the deleted scences would it have made the movie better?
And Another Question Why do ya'll think it sucked?
The thing these days is that if it is a horror movie or a dirty comedy, then there needs to be an unrated.  Even if the extra stuff is added, 9/10 times it is in the deleted scenes of the rated edition.  It's unnecessary.  In comedies the stuff added usually isn't funny and in horrors it isn't scary.  The scenes were cut for a reason.  I love Sin City, but I didn't see anything in the unrated edition that would've prevented it from being an are rated movie.
Sin City,Cursed T.40.Y.O.L.,Wedding Crasshers
I second the 40 Year Old Virgin... However, were the LOTR Extended versions "unrated"? I believe the packaging still has it as PG-13, I could be wrong though.
Good topic.
I'd say Land of the Dead, and I'd say that the LOTR extended versions, especially ROTK, went a bit beyond their pg-13s, and probably deserved to be unrated.
Okay, their putting unrated on practically any movie they can to raise the appeal but now their just 30 seconds added and they make a big deal out of it. So what DVD's do you think actually deserve the term UNRATED?! Here's mine:

- The Dukes of Hazzard
- The 40 Year Old Virgin
- Cursed

I'll think of more but thats all I have for now!!Happy