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Elfman quits Spider-man 3!!!!

Forums - Discs & Movies - Elfman quits Spider-man 3!!!! 

13th September 2005 21:04  #1

floyd dylan Banned Join Date: April 2004 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 913
Elfman quits Spider-man 3!!!!
News from Dark Horizon about Danny Elfman quitting Spider-man 3!!!

Quote: "I'm not working on Spider-Man 3. I'm out of that. I won't miss not doing it. Spider-Man 2 was a miserable experience.

It's like my connection with Sam got completely severed. As far as I'm concerned, he went to sleep, somebody put a pod next to him and when he awoke, he wasn't the same person I'd known for a decade" says Elfman.

"He went from right there number two on my list of favorite directors to the exact opposite of what I look for in a film experience which is everything I could do on Spider-Man 1, I couldn't do on Spider-Man 2.

He got so intensely attached to the temp music that I couldn't even adapt my own music close enough. Let me put it that way.

I couldn't get close enough to me, least of all anybody else who was in the temp score."

You will hear Elfman's theme in "Spider-Man 3" in any case because Raimi owns it - "He can do whatever he wants.

It's the first time I've ever walked from a director in 20 years and hoefully the last time I have to turn my back on somebody but it became like intolerable.

And I've been on some heavy duty films, so to say that, it had to be pretty bad.

I've been in war zones you couldn't believe in 55 films but this is the first time I said, 'I've had it. It's just not worth it.

I'd rather go back to waiting tables than to do Spider-Man 2 again, to have to have the same experience."

Holy shit, that's like John Williams quitting on a Star Wars, or Indy project.

13th September 2005 21:20  #2

John Oaks Senior Member Join Date: October 2004 Location: United States Posts: 951
Wow, I wonder who is going to be his replacement, Ted Raimi? He's always trying to do it all.

13th September 2005 21:51  #3

Chris Gould Editor Join Date: May 2001 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 7,171 Send a message via ICQ to Chris Gould Send a message via MSN to Chris Gould Send a message via Skype to Chris Gould
Well to be honest they could just substitute any one of Elfman's scores cause they all sound identical Wink Hmmm, Elfman... coincidence? I think not! I told you that they would be next on the Hollywood list of excuses!

13th September 2005 23:42  #4

Jonny "Me You" Senior Member Join Date: March 2004 Location: Canada Posts: 2,863
He was on TV today at the Toronto Film Festival.

There was a panel being interviewed about the Corpse Bride that included Tim Burton, Helena Carter, Johnny Depp, Danny Elfman and a few others. The majority of media around here are a bunch of unintelligent, kiss-ass, starstruck lammo's so no one asked any good questions. Asking him to explain walking out on Spiderman 3 would have been a good one.

It's disappointing but not a fatal blow. Raimi or Maguire leaving would be a crippling blow. It's not gonna turn out like X-men 3 which is already scaring me.

14th September 2005 0:15  #5

Tony DeFrancisco Senior Member Join Date: July 2005 Location: United States Posts: 2,652
Yeah, but then you also have Randy Newman who sings about anything he sees.

14th September 2005 0:51  #6

Gabe Powers Editor Join Date: September 2004 Location: United States Posts: 4,713 Send a message via ICQ to Gabe Powers
Johnny and Chris are both right on. (cue Twilite Zone music after Chris' statement)

14th September 2005 7:49  #7

rob murray Member Join Date: November 2004 Location: United States Posts: 477
Nah, Elfman has a certain quality to him that cant be repeated. His work on Charlie and the Choclate Factory deserves an Academy award pronto.

14th September 2005 14:53  #8

Matt Contributor Join Date: October 2004 Location: United States Posts: 2,113 big loss, I never really cared for the score to either Spider-Man film myself; they are probably my least favorite and certainly the least memorable Elfman scores.

14th September 2005 20:16  #9

Explosive Calm Member Join Date: March 2005 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 63
Well as long as the film's still good then I don't mind, it's not like the director's left at the third part as in super-hero films that spells the end for it, Batman, Tim Burton did the first two and then it got passed over for part 3, it got silly and end of series, Superman, the first two were done by Richard Donner or most of Superman 2 was by him anyway even if they did get some other guy to do re-do some of it, got passed fully over at part 3 and it goes downhill, this makes me nervous about X-Men 3 as it already sounds like it's going to be bad but as long as we have one super hero series which sticks with one director we'll be fine.

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