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Ever bought a DVD, then regret it??

Forums - Discs & Movies - Ever bought a DVD, then regret it?? 


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Personally I really dig Pi, but can understand why you didn't like it, and haveto admit I never watch it.
The only DVD in my collection that I hate was the movie "Pi". It came bundled with Requiem For A Dream for $11.99 so I said what the hell. But upon watching it, I came to the conclusion that I could've gotten just Requiem for a Dream by itself for $2 less. But hey at least it was only a $2 loss
Mystic River was the most heavy-handed pile. I hated it.

On subject, I often buy horror films without seeing them and regret it soon after.

Tenderness of the Wolves, A Blade in the Dark, and Autopsy were all decent films, but I really should've rented them, not bought them.

Zombie Doom was really bad
Mystic River. Good performances, but bored me to tears! To top it all off, I got the one with the soundtrack too - and that was rubbish as well Wink
Monster (not because it was a bad movie because two months later the special edition came out)
Billy Elliot
The FRIENDS FINALE (never wanted to see the end because never wanted the show to come to an end)
I always preplan my DVD purchases and usually those DVD's are of the elite movies I think are worth owning. That keeps my collection smaller then say, 2000+ titles, but I have a very choice selection.

So to answer the question. Nope!
Oh i regret buying The Fifth Element two months before the special edition.
I think this section can also covers those dvd's that you bought and that got another special edition, ultimate edition, so and so forth later. Any More double dipping by the studios?
I have plenty on my shelf that I regret buying and/or watching, but I have a rule that I never sell any of my DVDs once purchased so there they remain, on the shelf and never to be played least not by me anyway.
Starsky & Hutch
Thirteen Ghosts

but the only one that I didn't trade in was Starsky & Hutch.
Problem Child: Tantrum Pack
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Ever bought a DVD, then regret it??
Mine was Spider-Man 67 Collection.  I thaugh it would be cool to have some souvenirs of my childhood, but then I realize that I wouldn't watch it, because the cartoons are just awful.