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Evil Dead dvd series

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15th October 2005 3:52  #1

David White Member Join Date: March 2004 Location: United States Posts: 217 Send a message via AIM to David White Send a message via ICQ to David White Send a message via MSN to David White Send a message via Yahoo to David White
Evil Dead dvd series
i have yet to buy any of the trilogy and recently im having an itch to go out and buy them but before i do i want to know which 3 versions i should buy.

for evil Dead itself im in a toss up between the release by Elite Entertainment and the Anchor Bay release...the Elite release is more intising because its in 1:33 which is what the movie was shot in preeserving the original aspect ratio the anchor Bay release is in 1:85 cropping the transfer from the Elite edition.  However, the Anchor bay release carries DTS while the Elite does not so im in a toss up...especially if the features are identical.

for Evil Dead 2 there is really 1 release  

and for Army of darkness i was looking at the boomstick edition

15th October 2005 5:59  #2

floyd dylan Banned Join Date: April 2004 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 913
From DVD Compare

Evil Dead
In all of the releases by Anchor Bay, there is also some minor "enhancements" in the film itself, with a couple of frames "tweaked" to improve on the look (cleaning up some Effects Sequences - lightning strikes etc.) of The Film.

The "open matte" version on the Box Set is also the newer "tweaked" version. This is a very minor issue though, but for the purists, the OOP Elite is also an option, since it's the original "untampered" version.

Evil Dead II


-R1 "Book of the Dead" LE has a new improved transfer, one new featurette, and exclusive package (it´s basically only missing the "Evil Dead: Hail To The King" video game preview from the other R1-releases).

-If you're a real fan of the film, you'll want to track down one of the R1 Limited Edition tins, since it has the exclusive poster replica and 48 page booklet. It also has some additional stills over the "Book of the Dead"-release.

Army of Darkness

The R3 Hong Kong release has a vastly superior picture quality (it´s missing the "The Men Behind The Army" -featurette and "The creature concept art "Wink. Color and shadow detail are far superior to the Anchor Bay versions. The MGM version also includes possibly the best 5.1 mix created for this film as well. R2 UK box set has the exclusive extra-material on the disc 4 thou.

The AB version looks cropped on all four sides in some scenes and even zoomed in others.

All Anchor Bay´s prints are MISSING a short 2 second shot: After Sheila is first captured and presented to Evil Ash, he rips Sheila's dress down to her waist. Explaining the next shot of looking her up and down.

The following shot of the nude slave girls is also much clearer.

The R3 HAS this shot (perviously shown only on the Japanese "Captain Supermarket" Laserdisc).

The bodice ripping scene was actually an idea of a producer Dino DeLaurentis, and Raimi cut it from his "director approved" versions.

Anchor Bay's releases consist of only 2 different discs released separately or as a combination. One is the Theatrical Cut, the other one the Director's Cut. The differences between the releases are only covers and booklets.

Hope this helps.

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