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Extended Edition of Kong and Narnia???

Forums - Discs & Movies - Extended Edition of Kong and Narnia??? 

12th March 2006 6:43  #1

Mark Lim Member Join Date: March 2004 Location: Australia Posts: 1,211
Extended Edition of Kong and Narnia???
Here is some news that you guys should read before buying the first edition. I found this in the rumor mill section of

So... is anyone out there interested in seeing an extended edition of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe? The theatrical editions are due to hit DVD on 4/4, but our industry sources are telling us that Disney is considering a longer version of the film for DVD release later this year or next, a la the dual versions of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films.

Just a day after we posted information about the possibility of an extended edition of The Chronicles of Narnia coming to DVD... we're now hearing that Peter Jackson and Universal may be planning a King Kong: Extended Edition as well. Arnaud Calistri, the editor of the French DVD news site DVDRama, e-mailed me yesterday to say that Universal France has just confirmed that a deluxe King Kong "box set edition" is being prepared for DVD release in November of this year, and that it will feature a new edit of the film itself. France will also be getting the same two editions the studio just announced for release here in the States on 3/28, but not until August. We're working with our own sources to try and confirm this, but it definitely seems like a possibility given Jackson's track record with his Lord of the Rings extended DVDs.

Stay tuned...

So is anyone going to wait?? or are you going to buy the discs coming out later this month?

12th March 2006 7:07  #2

Tom Pen Member Join Date: June 2004 Location: United States Posts: 142
Ill buy the ones now and just sell em whenever the others come out(if they come out)

12th March 2006 7:36  #3

Mostskillz Member Join Date: November 2005 Location: United States Posts: 13
Of course I'm going to wait. No sense in double dipping if I don't have to.

12th March 2006 11:57  #4

£ukasz D Member Join Date: August 2005 Location: Poland Posts: 859 Send a message via Skype to £ukasz D
i'm not goin to pick for Kong i'm goin with normal 2-Disk sens for me to buy any extended box..not for this movie.

12th March 2006 12:39  #5

BoBoi Member Join Date: June 2005 Location: Australia Posts: 1,109 Send a message via MSN to BoBoi Send a message via Yahoo to BoBoi
i'm going for the limited edition of Narnia exc. to

King Kong will go for R1 2-Disc..a high possibility that it will be a digipak release...

12th March 2006 14:12  #6

Aaron Schneiderman Senior Member Join Date: September 2005 Location: United States Posts: 1,198
If my rear wasn't numb after watching the bloated remake of "King Kong," I would wait for the extended edition. That film is already too long and is in need of a good editor. Longer isn't always better.

12th March 2006 14:26  #7

Intergalactic Ponce Member Join Date: April 2005 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 1,164
I always felt that we'd already seen the extended version in the theatrical release. I love the Rings extended versions but unless there is some vital sub plot missing, this is not needed. I will end up buying both though not because the film is longer but because of the extra features and commentaries that each release will carry.

13th March 2006 11:26  #8

MGR Member Join Date: February 2006 Location: United States Posts: 94
I myself will get the DVD that comes on the 4th of april, and then get the EE version.

14th March 2006 9:41  #9

dan laurikietis Member Join Date: August 2005 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 92
What makes the EEs of the LOTR trilogy great is the exhaustive collection of bonus material and the intelligent visual essays on Tolkein and the difficulties of translating his work to film, as much as the extended cuts of the films themselves.  I hope this approach is taken with The Lion The Wich and The Wardrobe.  There was nothing ommitted from the film that I remember particularly from the book but I'd like to see C.S. Lewis' work given the same consideration as Tolkein's

14th March 2006 13:11  #10

floyd dylan Banned Join Date: April 2004 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 913
An extended edition of Kong???  Wasn't it long enough already???  

Quite a scenes in the theatrical version was pointless and long winded.

15th March 2006 17:12  #11

Tom Pen Member Join Date: June 2004 Location: United States Posts: 142
well it looks like Peter Jackson confirms an EE of KK. Dont know if he's just f**kin around or what, but here it is. He says it towards the end of the video

15th March 2006 17:15  #12

stanton heck Member Join Date: June 2005 Location: United States Posts: 1,098
If you waite 6 weeks (maybe less) you can get it under $10 used at BlockBuster or e-bay

8th June 2006 11:28  #13

demiscy Member Join Date: April 2006 Location: Cyprus Posts: 589
I bought the production diaries for King Kong in the collective case and I am definately waiting for the extended/director's cut..

8th June 2006 14:14  #14

Stephen Etherton Member Join Date: October 2003 Location: United States Posts: 706
My daughter loves all things Narnia, so I would buy it for her.
Kong?  Depends on what all they add at this point.

10th June 2006 20:30  #15

Trap Door Member Join Date: January 2006 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 253
I'll buy KK:EE I've been waiting for this release.

10th June 2006 20:38  #16

Mr.Badass Banned Join Date: April 2006 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 539
I'm dying for the Narnia EXTENDED...i really didn't like the version they made and this version might make me love it like the book.

i'm dying for Kong EE

10th June 2006 22:32  #17

£ukasz D Member Join Date: August 2005 Location: Poland Posts: 859 Send a message via Skype to £ukasz D
I'm waiting for the Tore KOng EE..loved it..i'll pick it up right away......
as for NArnia..i own 2 Disk SE...and since it wasn't any special ..i'll stick to it Happy

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