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"Hey, look, I'm a booger!"
The "Sex and the City" Trivia Laugh
Got to watch those old family guy DVDs again.
LOL! That was fucking brilliant!
There are so many good quotes too, man. If Seth's smart though, he'll have a theatrical movie in the future, like the Simpsons one planned for 2008.
- -
Peter:  We all know that no women anywhere wants to have sex with anyone and to titillate us with any thoughts otherwise is just bogus.  
Lois:  Ah, he is so right on. Women are such teases. That's why I went back to men
i liked it alot, im glad its going straight to dvd too
Actually, I didn't see the leaked version, I saw the premiere.
Me three. The Ferris Bueller parody was my absolute favorite and like Cheddar said, even the swearing made it funnier! Very Happy
I also saw the leaked version and I thought it was hilarious. Will definitely add it to my DVD collection.
The movie is better than the show.

It was really funny, just the fact that they could swear made it funnier. But they could do entire scenes from movies without time constrictions and it made it better (Ferris Beuler).

Very funny. I will be buying it when it comes out.
Family Guy is the best show ever, then Seinfeld.
Raising the price...
Well the sets were $30 here in Canada and about 2 weeks before the season premiere, they went back to $55 (around) so I wouldn't be surprised if they did.
Hmmmm...I don't think that would be the case. At least not here. Seth MacFarlane mentioned a likely series of movies released through DVD back when the show became a hit on the format.
Sometimes they jack up the price slightly when more interest is shown in an item (or tv series in this case)
Why would it increase?
Does that mean that the existing series will increase in price now?
oh so its straight to video, interesting
- -
sweet....there was speculation that this would happen. I bet more are to follow.
Family Guy Movie
9/27/05 is the release for Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story.  It will be unrated, contain deleted scenes, and have a commentary track.  I hope that it is better than the new episodes have been because this will be a blind buy for me and I know many others.