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Fantastic Four At Best Buy

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Why can't Best Buy accept international orders? Big bummer!
Best Buy will feature an EXCLUSIVE Limited Edition Gift Set that includes: Fantastic Four DVD, CD-ROM featuring the first 23 issues, annual of the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book series, exclusive Ultimate fantastic Four issue 12 comic book and 8 collectible round trading cards in a cool metal tin.
ALBA CAN'T ACT AT ALL. Consider the dead horse official pulpy.
Don't get me wrong, it's not a disaster, but Alba wasn't right for the role. Still enjoyed it more than a lot of films this year though. Thought it was easily on a par with War of the Worlds as a better than average movie (if you take average to mean the latest Vin Diesel pic or generic 70s horror remake).
isn't it just a popcorn movie? I didn't think it took itself too seriously....
I really didn't think that Alba and Gruffudd were that bad.  The movie was about where I thought it would be.  I enjoyed it for what it was.  The DVD on the other hand, I'll wait until the two disc special edition comes out.
The combination of Alba and Gruffudd was one of the major the weaknesses of the film; the movie skreetched to a dead stop anytime they were on screen together. I kept finding myself waiting for Evans or Chiklis to return and liven things up.
And there you have the problem with the film - casting eye-candy as a top 'scientist' to appeal to young boys. She can't act for s**t. If IMDb is to be believed far superior actresses were considered for the role.
I'm seeing it Thursday, just because Alba's in it mostly.
I quite enjoyed FF for what it was. Much better than Elektra and Daredevil (well, the theatrical cut anyway).
yeah I know but do you know the features?
4 discs wont make this s**tty movie any better
Fantastic Four At Best Buy
Do any of ya know what the 4 disc  features are? And who is going to buy it.Here is a link to tell ya what I mean....