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Roger and Me
The Corporation
Grizzly Man
My fave documentaries, not involving any film star or someone famous, would have to be National Geographic's 9/11. I forget the full title, but the minute by minute account of what happened that day really drew me in. I cried like in the most intense moments when the twin towers fell, as well as when people lost their loved ones.

The other documentary was the Concorde, where there was all this history way before that major crash in Paris.

Basically, I like alot of National Geographic and Discovery Channels Documentaries. Anything to do with superstructures, commercial jets, travel, some important histories, Air Crash Investigations, etc.
Your welcome, Aaron!  Love your My Collection post, especially the Superman animation!  See you picked up a copy of The End of the Affair this week.  If you're not familiar with the story, trust me, stick with it to the last minute and you will love it.
I also liked Bowling For Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11... also looking forward to Michael Moore's next, Sicko.
When We Were Kings
Looking for Richard
The Corporation

and if you want to include DVD doumentaries

The Abyss', Under Pressure.
From Dusk Till Dawn's, Full Tilt Boogie (although it does go on a bit)
The Star Wars Trilogy's, Empire of Dreams.
Some very good doco's there.

Have to include, In The Footsteps of Alexander the Great, When We Were Kings, The Empires Series (esp. The Geeks, and The Medici), and anything done by Sir David Attenborough.
the fog of war
If you love movies, and if you read these posts you most probably do, you have to check out Visions of Light.  It's a wonderful documentary about cinematography.  In the same vein there's George Stevens, A Filmmaker's Journey.  Both are good picks for true movie fans.
Based primarily on its extensive use of archival footage and narration by Sir Laurence Olivier, I must pick "The World at War." This 26 episode documentary is hands-down the most thorough account of the second world war ever produced. The runner-up for me is Ken Burns' "The Civil War." Through a well-choreographed amalgam of photographs, music and voice-overs, Ken Burns created a moving account of this period of American history. I also appreciate both of these documentaries for their use of historical evidence versus fabrication. A few of today's so-called documentarians seem to get a pass by the media and critics even though it has been proven that they orchestrated events or totally fabricated accounts in their films. It's a disgrace and they should not be called documentaries.
Favorite Documentary
What is everyone's favorite documentary?

For me, I just recently say The Aristocrats, which was very funny and one of my favorite movies. I also saw recently Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room and Grizzly Man, both very good.