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Favorite DVD Commentary Tracks

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19th August 2005 15:28  #1

Matt Contributor Join Date: October 2004 Location: United States Posts: 2,113
Favorite DVD Commentary Tracks
Here's a new one up for discussion...

What is your favorite commentary track currently out on DVD or commentator?

For my money, John Carpenter again and again delivers great commentary tracks, has done them for most of his films, and usually brings along another person on the tracks (including Debra Hill, Kurt Russell, and Natasha Henstridge just to name a few). He is always insightful on the process of making his films, discusses little known facts, and shares a great deal of anecdotal material making each of his commentary tracks entertaining as well as informative. If you haven't checked out any of his commentary tracks, I suggest any of the tracks that he has shared with Kurt Russell for starters ( Escape From New York, The Thing, Big Trouble In Little China). The two are genuinley friends and the banter between them makes for a fun listen.

19th August 2005 15:33  #2

Tony DeFrancisco Senior Member Join Date: July 2005 Location: United States Posts: 2,652
I like the Man on Fire commentary track.

19th August 2005 15:35  #3

- - Senior Member Join Date: March 2005 Location: Canada Posts: 594
 Looking at my collection, I would have to say Black Hawk Down (3 disc).

- Audio Commentary By Director/Producer Ridley Scott & Producer Jerry Bruckheimer
- Audio Commentary By Author Mark Bowden & Screenwriter Ken Nolan
- The History Channel Presents: The True Story of Black Hawk Down
- PBS Presents: Frontline: Ambush In Mogadishu Mission Timeline

  The two documentaries PBS and History Channel are very educational and even more entertaining than the movie itself.

19th August 2005 19:41  #4

Jonny "Me You" Senior Member Join Date: March 2004 Location: Canada Posts: 2,863
There are too many for me to count, but ones that immediately come to mind are -

James Cameron - T2 Extreme
Richard Donner / Tom Mankiewicz - Superman
Rudy Belmer - Robin Hood
Roger Ebert - Citizen Kane

19th August 2005 19:59  #5

Gabe Powers Editor Join Date: September 2004 Location: United States Posts: 4,705 Send a message via ICQ to Gabe Powers
Anything with Carpenter, anything with Raimi and Campbell. I found the LOTR tracks informative and also really loved the 2 Star Wars prequels' tracks. Gilliam is always good for a laugh too.

28th February 2006 4:26  #6

stanton heck Member Join Date: June 2005 Location: United States Posts: 1,098
I loved Danny Devito on "The War of the Roses".  I loved the comentary track on "Chicago"  I hate the one when directors just talk about whats the scene is about!  I want the director to talk about how the scene was shot, was shot as shirpted or was it an improv? I want to know if that shot was hard or easy to shoot!  What was going on during the shoot durring production

28th February 2006 7:11  #7

jaded25 Member Join Date: February 2006 Location: United States Posts: 39
The commentary track on old school, with the whole cast and director, is pretty funny. The commentary tracks on Firefly and Serenity were pretty good and informative. Any commentary track with James Cameron, Bruce Campbell & Sam Raimi, John Carpenter & Kurt Russell are always good. Kung Pow commentary track is informative and also pretty funny, The Rundown commentary is a pretty good one, LOTR commentaries are always good, Mallrats & Dogma commentary tracks are hilarious, Ready to Rumble commentary track, its so dumb that its funny, Fight Club commentaries are pretty good, Ocean's Eleven commentary track is another good track too. Wow thats a lot of commentary tracks and I still like some others but I can't really remember them right now.

28th February 2006 10:04  #8

Chris Gould Editor Join Date: May 2001 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 7,171 Send a message via ICQ to Chris Gould Send a message via MSN to Chris Gould Send a message via Skype to Chris Gould
Carpenter's stuff is always good. Also like the Viewaskew/Kevin Smith commentaries, PT Anderson's stuff on Boogie Nights and Hard Eight... Um... Anything by Bey Logan, especially when he teams up with Mike Leeder. I seem to remember the Superman commentary being good.

The Star Wars tracks should have been interesting, but they're too stitched together and Lucas is just a boring speaker who doesn't seem to know a whole lot about the universe he created...

28th February 2006 10:07  #9

floyd dylan Banned Join Date: April 2004 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 913
The commentary for The Ninth Configuration with William Peter Blatty and Mark Kermode was excellent.

28th February 2006 15:16  #10

Jonathan Bennett Member Join Date: March 2005 Location: United States Posts: 600 Send a message via AIM to Jonathan Bennett Send a message via MSN to Jonathan Bennett Send a message via Yahoo to Jonathan Bennett Send a message via Google to Jonathan Bennett
For me,
probably the Hunter S. Thompson commentary on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas(criterion version, obviously).

28th February 2006 15:35  #11

Donnie_Darko Banned Join Date: January 2006 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 352
Jonathan Bennett wrote: For me,
probably the Hunter S. Thompson commentary on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas(criterion version, obviously).

he is so annoying in that.

one of the best is Roddy Piper/John Carpenter on They Live

6th March 2006 3:36  #12

FCGriz8406 Member Join Date: November 2005 Location: United States Posts: 21
It wasn't very informative, but George Cosmatos' commentary on Tombstone (Vista Series) was pretty entertaining.  He loves to talk about the "real moostaches" in his Greek/Italian accent.

6th March 2006 16:13  #13

Cheddar J. Cheese Member Join Date: October 2004 Location: Canada Posts: 1,492
The Simpsons

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