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the ones that come to mind are the Macguyver ones and Murder She Wrote TV movies..
One last one "Help Wanted Male".  
I just remembered Brian's Song.
The Day After.  A Girl Named Sooner  Leave Yesterday Behind
I remember a TV movie called "Special Report" about a group of radical terrorist (the homegrown kind, not those nuckleheads hiding in caves plotting armegeddon).

The actual title was Special Bulletin and it was a fantastic, tension-filled film. I have it on VHS and would love a DVD release .
I believe it aired soon after "The Day After" the most watched made-for-TV movie
Dustin wrote: Psycho IV: The Beginning

I love this flick ! ! !
Now, can someone over at Universal release the Psycho I-IV in a box set for us silly region 1 folks?  Maybe even include the 'redux' as well (since that is the only way you will move those?).  
There is a great TV movie called "Murder by Natural Causes". Written by the men who wrote for Columbo.  There is also "The Girl Most Likely" this is about a college girl who seeks revenge on her classmates.  She was once fat & dumpy!  After a car wreck she get plastic surgery and is beautiful & thin!  Then she is out to kill.  Belive it or not its a comedy!  
Bob "the film man" wrote: Ravenwood, you can never go wrong with Kolchak.
As much as I love the series, I think I would have prefered that they had continued with the TV movies, along the lines of Columbo. I think they could have developed the stories better that way.

If 2 part TV movies are allowed, then I would include Sybil, with the great performance by Sally Field and V. I remember the movie "Special Report" but I don't think I watched it all of the way through though.
I remember a TV movie called "Special Report" about a group of radical terrorist (the homegrown kind, not those nuckleheads hiding in caves plotting armegeddon).

Anyway they have a nuclear bomb and threaten to blow up the city of Charelston here in the States.

Where the film really hit the bullseye was when it focused on the media (namely TV newscasters) and how they turn any tragic event into an ratings grabbing entertainment program. I would love to see this again (I think it aired sometime in the 80s) to see how it holds up. I guess its to much to hope for a DVD relese.

Anyone else remember this one?
oh yeah! I forgot that was a tv movie
Psycho IV: The Beginning
Ravenwood, you can never go wrong with Kolchak. I enjoyed Earthsea when it was on a couple of years ago. I generally enjoyed the Babylon 5 tv movies. Does anyone remember "Night of the Twisters?" I can't remember if that was a tv movie or not.
I have to admit I'm sixteen, a boy, and my favourite TV Movie is High School Musical. Tongue
My favourites are Duel, Child of Glass and the two Kolchak movies, The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler.
I really like all the Bruce Timm DC animated films. Those usually show up on TV the same week they hit DVD. The Day After is a bit of a guilty pleasure. I suppose Duel wins my favorite vote.
Favorite TV Movie
I got an idea of this thread (sorry if it has been done before) when I walked to my videostore and saw a copy of the film "The Christmas Shoes", recently being released on DVD (or it's not out yet, I really don't know to tell you the truth). Anyway, it aired about four years or so ago and I enjoy it more now than I did back then.

I also really liked the Elizabeth Smart and Laci Peterson TV films, and I really want to see Elizabeth Smart film on DVD.

I also enjoyed the Category 6 and 7 films, well, not so much 7, but I really enjoyed Category 6.