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Films Which Need Special Editions

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Existing Posts
El Cid
 Last of the Mohicans
 In the Name of the Father
 Night of the Hunter
 Mississippi Burning
 In the Heat of the Night
 The Killing
 Paths of Glory
Jade (with the unrated extended cut)
The Saint (with deleted scenes including the original cilmax)
The Avengers (the director's cut which is 30 minutes longer)
I forgot
"The Last Action Hero"
How about those mythical 2-disc Stanley Kubrick SEs we were promised last year by Warner Bros. to be released this year?
Darkman, Kill Bill, Mars Attacks!, Beetlejuice, Death Becomes Her, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Poltergeist

Twilight Zone: The Movie needs a release as well.
At Close Range
Cool Hand Luke
Escape From L.A
The Hunt for Red October
Navy Seals
Red Dawn
Young Guns 2
Town & Country
Howard The Duck

all famous for the wrong reasons
Child's Play
Planes, trains and automobiles
Broken Arrow
Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me
Halloween II
Romey and Micheles HighSchool Reunion
Muriels Wedding
Ghostbusters  (better se)
Ghostbuster II(better se)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie & Kids in the Hall: BRAIN CANDY.

They're long overdue.
Leaving Las Vegas
True Lies
Face Off
The Prince of Tides

Braveheart (I was watching this on network tv and there are a lot of scenes contained in the broadcast that are not in the theatrical cut.)
All 5 Dirty Harry Films
Willow (needs more bonus features)
Lethal Weapon
Mystery, Alaska

I'll probably think of more later.
£ukasz D wrote: Empire of The Sun hasa a Sepcial Edition- the 2disk set with the lon documentary on the disk 2

I know, I own it but one with alot more
Empire of The Sun hasa a Sepcial Edition- the 2disk set with the lon documentary on the disk 2
Films Which Need Special Editions
Dead Man
Heavenly Creatures
If.... (or at least a legal dvd)
The Elephant Man
Chasing Amy (could have so much more but i'll wait for Chasing Amy X)
Spy Kids (Rodriguez was talking about in Spy Kids 3d Commentary!)
Roadracers (or at least a dvd without forced subtitles)
Bram Stoker's Dracula
A Simple Plan
Good Night And Good Luck
Brokeback Mountain
Animal Factory (will NEVER happend though)
Escape From L.A
Ghost Dog:The Way Of Samurai
The Big Lebowski (A REAL ONE)
Kiss Me Deadly
Pump Up The Volume
12 Monkeys (one with a lot more including original short film)
Empire Of The Sun