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For those who got the US Gladiator Blu-Ray...

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More news:

"A lot of readers who have successfully contacted the Gladiator BD exchange program have sent us the instructions they've been given. For U.S. consumers, mail Disc One of the old Blu-ray ONLY to...

c/o Deluxe Media Mgmt
PO Box 801464
Valencia, CA 91380-1464

Enclose your name, address and phone number. They'll send you back the new remastered Disc One in about 4 weeks. For U.K. consumers, mail Disc One of the old Blu-ray ONLY to...

Universal Pictures (UK) Ltd
'Gladiator Exchange'
Prospect House
80-110 New Oxford Street

Again, enclose your name, address and phone number. The remastered Disc One will be sent back in about 4 weeks. Thanks to the many readers who have sent this in."

Plus, a review for the new remastered disc!:

Review of the new remastered disc:
If it helps, the existing Gladiator UKBD cat no. is 8258770.

If this is anything like the Private Ryan fixed release, the new fixed Gladiator will likely have a new catalogue/serial number on the spine. Pure speculation, but as long as you don't pick up a copy with the above number on it, it should be the new improved transfer.

I don't put too much faith in all this talk of yellow UPC stickers. They don't seem to apply in the UK. The only way you could identify the new SPR from the old was the fact that the catalogue number was different amd the disc labels themsleves had changed colours. They went from gold/blue writing on them to grey/blue writing. Don't quote me on which disc is which though as I can't remember. I bought the original pressing and returned it whence it had come. Haven't re-bought it yet.

Not having a good run with Paramount BD's (UK). War of the Worlds kept freezing (at the 1st attack in the town centre) then skipping forwards 20 seconds or so. It did this repeatedly and consistently on my PS3. There was no obvious damage to the disc and I haven't had any playback faults of this kind on any other discs before or since. Again, had to return the disc and haven't bought it again. I haven't heard of any similar reports of a fault with WOTW so I'm just putting it down to it being a faulty disc and me being unlucky with two of Spielberg's latest BD releases.
Another update.:

"In other news this afternoon, a couple of Bits readers over the weekend have reported to us that they've found the new remastered Gladiator Blu-ray in their local Best Buy stores. Interestingly, there was no yellow UPC, but as I originally reported (and as was the case on my copy), the new disc was missing the words "2-DISC SET" over the Paramount logo on the bottom right of the back of the package. Seeing this, two readers took a chance on it and purchased the disc. Upon getting it home and comparing it to their original copy, sure enough it was the new transfer which blew them away. So just be aware that it's starting to trickle out there. Thanks to Bits readers Frank C. and Jim L. for reporting in! One side note to this, I've personally enjoyed the new Gladiator Blu-ray transfer so much that on Friday night I ended up watching the ENTIRE extended edition of the film - something I couldn't make myself to do with the original Blu-ray. I think you guys are really going to appreciate it."
Chris Gould wrote: I've seen comparison shots and it's much, much better. It's the release that should have been first time around.

Thanks for the info Chris. My disc will be winging its way to Universal UK. Apart from the dodgy transfer it was quite a good release.
great news, thank you
Another update:

"First, we're getting reports from readers that Paramount's customer service phone number (to arrange the Gladiator Blu-ray exchange) is no longer working. We're checking with the studio to see what alternate arrangements they're making, but in the meantime, you should still be able to use this e-mail address ( to set up the exchange. I'm guessing they just underestimated the number of people who would want to make the exchange. We're checking with them and as soon as they get things all ironed out we'll let you know. As we said the other day, when the BD copies with the new transfer arrive in stores they'll have a YELLOW UPC symbol on the box. If any of you hear from Amazon that they have the new copies in stock, please let us know so that we can inform all our readers."
I am wondering if I should still buy it through amazon, most likely I'll get the old compressed edition, I guess I'll still have to mail the disc from outside the U.S.
I've seen comparison shots and it's much, much better. It's the release that should have been first time around.
Chris Gould wrote: We have to wait another month in the UK.

I got the UK Steelbook Chris. Do you think this new transfer will be a significant improvement on the original? If it is I will definitely avail of it. I saved the contact details for the UK replacement program if anyone doesn't have them yet.
We have to wait another month in the UK.
Dang, I traded my copy in already hehe. That is awesome news though. I'll definitely be picking up the newer version.
For those who got the US Gladiator Blu-Ray...
For those who got the US Gladiator Blu-Ray and have many complaints, Paramount are doing an exchange for a better version of first disc.:

"All right... now for that awesome Gladiator news. If you've been reading any of the A/V enthusiast forums in the last 24 hours or so, you may now be aware that Universal has just released the new remastered Gladiator Blu-ray in Holland. Fans will know that the previous U.S. Blu-ray release - a DreamWorks title distributed by Paramount, with elements provided by Universal - featured a (shall we say) somewhat disappointing and recycled high-def transfer. Let me rephrase that: It was an extremely disappointing transfer. Well... the good news is that a brand new 4K transfer of the film was done several months ago with fresh elements, and the title has been re-authored to include it. It's this new transfer that's now available on Blu-ray in Europe, and early word is it's spectacular. Here's a link to a good online screenshot comparison of the new and old Blu-rays. (The first image that appears is the old Blu-ray - roll your cursor over it to see the same shot on the new Blu-ray). As expected, the difference is pretty shocking. You see? There IS a real quality difference when a studio spends a little extra money on the A/V presentation of a Blu-ray to get it right.

Anyway, word (and visual proof of) the new transfer appearing on Blu-ray in Holland has resulted in hundreds of concerned U.S. Gladiator fans e-mailing us in the last day or so, understandably hoping/pleading/begging for any information as to when they might be able to get their hands on the new disc here in the States. So here's the AWESOME news: Paramount Home Entertainment is about to initiate an exchange program for anyone who would like to swap their previous Gladiator Blu-ray for an otherwise identical disc with the new transfer. Here's their official statement:

"We are implementing a limited exchange program. This program is only for those consumers that may have preferential issues with some of the technical DVNR (digital video noise reduction) and EE (edge enhancement) choices made in the original source transfer, and so would prefer to exchange it for one that addresses those preferences in a different manner.

While the version that we originally distributed was of the highest quality, some enthusiasts may prefer to view it without the Edge Enhancement and DVNR implemented as standard process in bringing the film to hi-def. This new master resolves those issues."

[Editor's Note: You can call Paramount Home Entertainment's REVISED customer service hotline number (323-956-3010 - give them a couple days to get things together) to arrange the swap. Replacement discs will be available soon. For those in the U.S. and Canada who don't yet own the disc, a running production change has been initiated, so future copies shipped to retailers will include the new transfer. Rest assured, we'll post details as to exactly how you'll be able to identify the new discs (likely via some kind of packaging marking) when they start becoming available in stores in the coming weeks. And for those of you in other countries around the world, the new disc is being gradually rolled out in each region, so contact your local distributor for the details.

On behalf of Gladiator and Blu-ray fans everywhere, I'd like to send out a big Bits THANK YOU to everyone involved in the decision to do the new transfer, to those talented mastering wizards involved in the actual work (for a job well done!), and to the folks at Paramount for implementing their exchange program. THAT'S how you do right by your customers, and it's very much appreciated.]"

And from today...

"Next this afternoon... we've got a quick update for you on Gladiator: Paramount has now informed me that the new revised Blu-ray with the vastly improved HD transfer WILL have a YELLOW UPC symbol on the packaging, as was the case with Saving Private Ryan. So that's how you'll recognize it in stores. Just ignore that "2-Disc Set" text thing I mentioned earlier this morning, as it may not apply. Let me know if you see the new version in stores, and I'll try to keep up all up to date as it rolls out. Again, the Paramount customer service number to call to arrange the exchange in the States is: 323-956-3010. A few of you have reported trouble getting through, or that the voicemail box is often full, so please just be patient and try again over the next few days. They're getting a LOT of calls as you can imagine, so they're pretty slammed. You can also try this e-mail address: Just be aware that they're getting lots of e-mails too, so it's going to take time for them to get back to you. Also, a number of U.K. readers are reporting that an exchange program is happening there as well from NBC Universal - you can contact their customer service at the following e-mail address (mention the Gladiator BD exchange) and they'll send you the instructions: Thanks to all of you who have sent this in."