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Fox BD Region Coding

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Worst Nightmare wrote: Disciple - did your region free BD player come as standard or did you have it chipped?

It was region free when I bought it, but It's chipped as you can't buy a region free player in a regular store over here. I have to change BD region code manually, by pressing 1, 2 or 3 on the remote before putting on the player, but DVDs play automatically (all regions).
Ah right, I was referring to the UK release, which is region free (I've tested it).
Chris Gould wrote: The X-Men Trilogy is region free.

According to this site, it aint.
The X-Men Trilogy is region free.
Nic Mall wrote: Old films = region free
New films = locked

Tends to be teh rule.

X-Men Wolverine is Region Free while the X-men Trilogy is not. How does that work?!
I use a PS3 which ofcause isnt region free sadly and i dont buy Blu Rays from Denmark, i buy them online from England.
When im in America i tend to buy alot of Blu Rays cos theyre really cheap so i have alot of Warner Bros since theyre always Region Free :D
Disciple - did your region free BD player come as standard or did you have it chipped?

We are region B down under and I had a friend send me a cheap BD player from the states (A Samsung) that they bought during the Black friday sales. What I have saved so far in buying BDs from the states compared to the prices down under has paid for the BD player....
I don't know about Denmark, but here in Sweden, they tend to release most films locked to region B, so it's just not fox.

I'm all set as I have a region free player though.
In addition to that, Fox--or any studio for that matter--may not have the distribution rights in your country or region.
Old films = region free
New films = locked

Tends to be teh rule.
I just got The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) in the mail today and on it, it says "ABC" which means its All Region. Now, if i wanna get The Wrestler or Donnie Darko on Blu Ray i cant because its Region Locked! Isnt it kinda unfair that AMERICAN Fox releases are Region Locked?

Okay after some hours of researchin I discovered there actually DO exist American region free Fox BRs! Fight Club for example, but then why is it that some are locked and some arent?




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