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Well, I didn't even get a chance to look for it.  Sorry, Nic.  I've been pretty busy lately.  I haven't even bought movies for myself.  The shame.....
Dunno, but I do know that they're overpriced flappy headed hippies who won't ship outside of "Ohhh Canadaaa"
Question: Is "FutureShop" the same thing as Best Buy in the US? Color me ignorant cause I went into Best Buy looking or the steelbooks, but didn't see any.
Oh well! Thanks anyways!

CDWOW have it for 15.99! R3 so uncut! BOOYAH!
I went today and didn't see any, sorry Nic, maybe next time.
Tsk, get my hopes up and smash them. How rude! :p
I have no idea if it's uncut to be honest, not really a big Indiana Jones fan. I like them, and i have the old box set, but it's not like i watch them that often. The sites that i've seen it on only ship within scandinavia i'm afraid.
It's a steelbook.
Is the swedish version uncut like the US one?
If so, where can I get it from?
And yes I'm pretty sure there isn't a UK version. (Checked HMV, Amazon, Play and Zavvi)
What's so special about the steelbook from futureshop? The trilogy's availible in steelbook packaging in Sweden, are you sure it's not availible in the UK?
If you can't don't worry about it.
I couldn't make it there yet, I was going to go today to get Diary of the Dead, but work had me out of the city. So I ended up going to Best Buy (wasn't too hot for the movie but I'm a damned Romero completest and I couldn't resist their exclusive packaging with the stupid book I'll probably never read). I'll se if I can make it tomorrow.  

Asps...very dangerous...
I'll go Monday and see if I can find it.
Franchise & Manda of Mu....'s that time again.

If possible, could one of you try pick me up an Indiana Jones trilogy steelbook from Futureshop please?

if you're sick of me asking, just say and I'll stop Happy