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Free DVDs in newspapers/magazines

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I got a free DVD (Weekend at Bernie's) once from Pizza Hut.  I use it as a coaster for my nightly beverage.
There's a magazine called "Paste" that has a CD in every magazine, and every so often includes a DVD with short films, trailers, and stuff.
I already have the 2-disc version but it is very cool
In Saturday the 13th May's Times, there was a free DVD of Metropolis.

How cool was that?

Very Cool!
I got a free dvd from The Hollywood Reporter but that was a long time ago
It happens in Sweden, sometimes a drama or comedy comes with a Sunday magazine. And I recently recieved Hostage with a DVD-related magazine.
I actually enjoyed the film to an extent, and considering the extras and the DTS-track, I don't regret having it for such a low price.
I don't know about DVDs. I know some video game magazines usually have a demo for a game.

Usually down here, the most you can get for a free DVD in anything will be in a cereal box, and that's usually a cartoon episode of Scooby Doo or sometime like that.
I don't think they do this in the U.S. If they do, they don't do it for my paper.
Usually down under it won't be a movie but maybe a pilot of a new series. It only rarely happens here.
yep..there are tons of free DVDs added to magazines and newspapers here in Poland...i used to buy some, but not any more-since they are with no extras att all, with one Audio Track, One subtitles...they suck.
U can buy any "Free Newspapers DVDs" on strets in Poland..many stands sell them for like 1,5 $.
Free DVDs in newspapers/magazines
I was wondering...

Do newspapers or magazines in any other countries give away free DVDs as liberally as the papers in the UK do?  I've accumulated a pretty big stack of movies from weekend newspapers over the last year.  Most of them I haven't watched but there's always the odd gem now and again, like Don't Look Now and Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.

Personally, I see no other reason to buy the Daily Mail...