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Free Roseanne DVD!!!

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Quote: Originally posted by Ryan Bisram
IT IS NOT FAKE.  I just recieved my copy today!
Pretty late now though.

As for what Je Ff asked, I get movies a weekend early because they like to increase DVD sales and usually, people come the weekend early and they buy them. It's like $25 for a DVD though.
Quote: Originally posted by Tony DeFrancisco
I*'m always opstimistic. But since I get DVDs every Thursday before the movie comes out at my local videostore, I saw they didn't have this to buy. I love this show too (record it on DVR and watch it everytime it's on Nick and Nite).

Why do you get them on Thursday as opposed to Tuesday?
It's not fake.  I got mine today.
I*'m always opstimistic. But since I get DVDs every Thursday before the movie comes out at my local videostore, I saw they didn't have this to buy. I love this show too (record it on DVR and watch it everytime it's on Nick and Nite).
Why do you say it's a scam?  I'm in some Roseanne fan groups and some people say they have contacted Anchor Bay, who says this is legit..  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.  But I know that I got my confirmation email.. They said they mailed it on the 24th, so it should be here soon. Anyone else optimistic like me out there?
They just get your email and use it for spam messages. Thank god for AOL.
^What do you mean?
Nope. It is retarded though. I knew it was a scam.
no email Sad
Hope it isn't too late...
No problem! Happy I love to share good news with fellow Roseanne fans... By the way, I just got an email saying my DVD has been mailed.  Did anyone else get a similar email?  I can't wait for my DVD!!!
I just got my confirmation e-mail too. Thanks a lot Leila. Smoking Cool
Hmmmmmm...wonder why theyre giving away sets? We'll all see if it's the real deal on August 24th.
IT WORKED. HOLY CRAP! I'm getting it on August 24, 2005.
I sent it an hour ago
I just sent the email, let's see what happens...
It is supposed to be released to the public August 30th.  If you email Anchor Bay at:, you can possibly win a free copy of the DVD if you are one of the first 100 respondents!

I just got my confirmation email from them!  They say that my DVD will be in the mail August 24th - a whole week earlier than the public release date!! Happy  Anyone who's a Roseanne fan should definitely take the time to send out that email - it's so worth it!
I never heard of Roseanne after a few days ago. So, I can't really say what it's like. But I'd like to add another DVD to my collection. So I'll probably try it. When is it being released?
Free Roseanne DVD!!!
To Any Roseanne Fans Out There:

Last week I received an email from Anchor Bay Entertainment, offering a free copy of the Roseanne DVD to the first 100 respondents!  At first I wasn't sure if it was legitimate but I just received my confirmation email this afternoon.

I'm not sure if they have reached their 100 respondents yet, so I wanted to share this good news so other fans may have a chance to get a free copy as well.  All you have to do is email them with your mailing address and if you are one of the first 100 fans to respond, they will send you a free DVD!  So simple and so worth it!  The email address they provided me with is:

By the way, did anyone else here receive an email?  I don't know how they got my email address since I don't run a Roseanne fan group, but since I'm getting a free DVD I'm not going to complain!  

In case anyone is interested, here is a copy of the email I received:

As a loyal fan of the Roseanne TV show, we're proud to provide you
with an opportunity to receive a free copy of the Roseanne Season 1
DVD before it is released to the general public on August 30th.

To obtain the free copy of the DVD, be one of the first 100 emails
received at roseannefan1@.... Remember to include your name
and mailing address. We will confirm receipt of your email and let
you know if you are one of the first 100 received. Only one copy of
the DVD will be sent per mailing address.

This is the only email you will receive from us and we have not
placed your name on any mailing list. If you would like to receive
future emails about Roseanne releases on DVD, please register at


Anchor Bay Entertainment