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Friends: The One With All Ten Seasons

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I buy them not to watch them again. Besides, I'm behind on my 'Fruends'. Because of work and study commitments over the years, I've missed Seasons 7, 8 and 9. Did not watch them properly. So, I really want to catch up. Just so you know. And I speak on behalf of people who buy sitcoms, is that they are collecting a piece of their fave shows.
I once read an article in the newspaper about why people buy TV shows when they often re-run and other related topics, and after reading that article I NEVER bought any TV show DVD like Friends, Simpsons, and others. I would buy Boomtown and 24 and other MOVIE-like shows but not sitcoms.

The article spoke of who has the time to sit thru 100's of hours, even over time, thru they're life to watch shows and episodes they've seen? People waste away not doing anything but watching TV sitcom re-runs. Don't get me wrong I watch TV and all but I would never buy all these and watch them over and over again.....I guess I just wonder who would buy all these and ACTUALLY watch thru them!?
Mark- the box set released last year contains every singular Friends season released, all in a special black box. So yes,  that box would have some special features, I gather. The one being released later this year is exactly the same as last years release, but with a collectable red packaging and a book with extra info and photos of the series. It isn't confirmed yet if this new box is going to be released is Australia yet, but it will be released in America, so you might have to buy the new box from America if it isn't released here in Australia.
I personally think that the box set released last year looks nicer, but it really depends on whether you want the new book with your set. Also, each season is being re-released later this year with new bonus material, according to, on October the 4th. So there's some food for thought. Hope I've helped.
Friends: The One With Identical Stuff As The Others
Friends "The One with all ten" from Nov. 2005 just has all 10 normal pockets in the big box set with a door that opens. Hope that helps.
Friends: The One With All Ten Seasons
I was wondering from those who bought this boxed set, are there any special features in each edition? or are the Seasons just bundled together as been mentioned from the new series set news?

I am not sure which Friends set I'd like to get, the next release or the previous one even though "The One With All Ten Seasons" is out of print. It is still available in some stores in R4 here in Sydney.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.